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Scubapro Twin Jet Max Open Heel Split Fins

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About Scuba Pro Twin Jet Max Open Heel Split Fins

Featured Reviews

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Great Fins

By Seth

As always, fast delivery and perfect condition. LeisurePro is really great!


My daughter loves her fins!!

By thermalflyr

This was a gift.

There are three primary variables to consider when selecting a fin: Power, efficiency and fit. The more water a fin moves, the greater it's kicking power. Furthermore, fins that transfer a greater percentage of a diver's kicking effort into forward motion are more efficient. Twin Jet Max Fins do just that!

Hydrofoils are boats that are incredibly light and offer a great deal of lift. The Twin Jet Max Fins are designed to replicate the same action and lack of drag. The split fin design reduces the amount of resistance felt on your joints, which is a big perk for divers who have knee and hip problems. The split also means you'll use less force to propel yourself though the water. To make it even easier to move through the water, Scubapro's engineers added vents between the foot pocket and the blade to help the water move around the fins with each kick cycle drag will be a thing of the past once you put on these fins and hit the water.

The Scubapro Twin Jet Max are an open heel fin with a soft foot pocket for a comfortable fit. Do you find yourself frustrated while trying to adjust your fin straps while floating in the water or while wearing bulky diving gloves? Have you ever discovered that your fin strap was too tight or too loose too late? The spring heel straps offer ditching/donning ease and dive long comfort. Scubapro's spring heel straps are corrosion resistant straps have a comfortable cover and steel springs that are depth compensating so they will contract when you go to depth and your boots compress with the increase of water pressure. They will also re-expand upon ascent. Steel spring straps never need adjusting, making it even easier to don and doff the fin. The spring straps have a large pull tab and side-release squeeze-style buckles.

Fins are manufactured from a bi-material blade for the ideal blending of flex and performance. The fins have semi-ridged side rails for blade stability throughout the kick cycle. The Twin Jet Max are available in multiple sizes and colors. Fins weigh 4.65 lbs. (2.11 kg).

Warranty Information

This product has a limited lifetime warranty.

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Scuba Pro Twin Jet Max Open Heel Split Fins Features

  • Scubapro Twin Jet Max Open Heel Split Fins:
  • Primary Variables Consider when Selecting Fin: Power, Efficiency & Fit
  • The More Water Fin Moves, the Greater it's Kicking Power
  • Transfer Greater Percentage of Diver's Kicking Effort into Forward Motion, More Efficient
  • Hydrofoil Boats are Incredibly-Light and Offer Great Deal of Lift
  • Twin Jets: Replicates Hydrofoil Action and Lack of Drag
  • Reduces-the-Amount Resistance Felt on Joints
  • Big-Perk for Divers with Knee and Hip Problems
  • Less Force-to-Propel Diver though Water
  • Easier to Move Thru-Water
  • Vented: Water Move-Around the Fins
  • Open Heeled Fin Design with Soft Foot Pocket
  • Comfortable Fit
  • Bi-Material Blade for Ideal Blending of Flex and Performance
  • Semi-Ridged Side Rails for Blade Stability
  • Spring Fin Straps Never Need Adjustment
  • Makes Donning and Doffing a Breeze
  • Increased Dive Comfort
  • Corrosion Resistant Materials
  • Fins: Will Never Be Tight or Loose
  • Depth Compensating Design:
    Dive Boots Compress, Straps Contract
    Dive Boots De-Compress Straps Expand
  • Comfortable Heel Pad with Large Pull Loop for Easy Donning and Doffing
  • Fin Weight: 4.65 lbs. (2.11 kg)

Scuba Pro Twin Jet Max Open Heel Split Fins Customer Reviews

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Most Liked Positive Review


Great Fins

As always, fast delivery and perfect condition. LeisurePro is really great!


Most Liked Negative Review


Not a good fin

Propulsion is about.the worst I have ever owned. They run very large and do not give good propulsion. I wear 10.5 EEE and large was huge with 5mm boots.

Reviewed by 29 customers


Love these fins!!!

By Kai

Have had a pair for a year and find them very powerful and comfortable, but now I've gotten a drysuit and find that I have to buy another larger pair to accomodate my DUI rockboots too.


nope, don't get this one

By Fastdanny

Spend a few dollars more and buy the apollo pro c-series, It is a better fin, and has spring straps preinstalled. the twin jet max with the cheap rubber strap, is way too light, with a wetsuit it requires ankleweights, even worse with a drysuit. Apollo's will swim circles around the twin jets. when perfectly trimmed, additional weight is needed when switching from the apollos to the twin jet max fins. keep in mind neither one of these are good for really strong current.


Best open heel fins on the market


Having enjoyed my full foot fins for years I need some open heel fins to acomidate my boots for the rocky entrences of lake diving worked out perfectly


Great Quality Fins,


I actually purchased this set for a Christmas present for a friend. I own two sets and these are the best fins I have ever used. Unlike most fins if you lose one of these they will float tot he surface. You will need to slow your kick rate or you will leave your dive buddy behind.


Very happy with this fin

By Greg

I bought a pair of these fins for myself about 6 monthes ago and liked them so much I got a pair for my daughter. I had the previous model of the twin jets and found them very comfortable but a little lacking in power. These are just stiff enough to give more power but not too much to fatigue you. I would definitely recommend them


great fins! dont listen to the haters

By swimfan

Great fins, lightweight and powerful if you buy them from the right place you get them with the spring straps; leisurepro unfortunately doesnt have them that way, but still a great deal. just rigid enough for added power, but still with the splitfin technology to reduce drag and increase efficiency Apollo makes a C-series fin, that is almost identical, and for 80 dollars more... save the money and go Twin Jet


Great Recreational Fin!

By Underwater h.

If you are a recreational diver looking for fins that will provide maximun efficiency with minimal effort, the Twin Jet Maxx by Scubapro is the perfect fin. Relatively light weight, yet provides lots of power with minimal effort. They do come with spring straps as an option which makes them even more accomodating and similar to the Bio fin (which also come with spring straps). Not as heavy as the Bio fin so for warmer water use, it is perfect! have used them in cold water too and they provide excellent power. This is the ideal fin for just about ANY diver!


Good, but not X-Pert Zoom

By Al B.

While an overall goof fin, I am forced to use them due for professional reasons. I much prefer my Tusa Xpert Zoom fins and would gladly get those again over the ScubaPro fins. These do have good propulsion, but overall are just not head-over-heels better. When not using them when I have to, I won't be using them at all. The one drawback (other than bang-for-buck) is that my foot seems to cramp in them more often than not. I will recommend them, but only by about 5%.


Great pair of fins but...


I get great kick from these fins. It's almost an effortless stride. They're made from a stiffer material than my ScubaPro Jets. However, they are positively buoyant, which is good, I guess, if you drop one in the water from the boat or one comes off your foot. But at depth, I found these fins were actually floaty to the point of being a hinderance. So I usually wear ankle weights with mine. But that is the only reason for the 2-dive flag rating. Otherwise, it's a great fin design.


Good performance & cool looks

By Nick

I have been very happy with LeisurePro service through out the process of outfitting two new teen divers. Sometimes items when seen are not what was wanted, LeisurePro has been great about returns. When we lost the clip, one was enroute the same afternoon as my call. KUDOS to all in customer service, they really mean it!


These are great fins

By g

arrived promptly..were too big and were returned and replaced very rapidly..great service


Great Fins

By Boodog

LP is a great place to buy


Great Fins

By Manolodivemaster

Great Propulsion with no effort! These fins are a little positively buoyant, I still have to get used to them. It's really hard to demonstrate a really good fin pivot to students other then that great in the water!


Great Fins!

By Scuba A.

I love these fins. They make moving in the water effortless. When I purchased mine (at a higher price from another dealer) they came with the spring straps. I LOVE the spring straps and highly recommend them. They are worth every penny. These fins are light, but powerful. Not easy to use as a beginner on the surface, so I would not recommend for snorkeling. Overall I love them. Plan to use them for a long time.


Nice Fin

By Serenity N.

Great fin for the price


Questions & Answers

Questions about this item:

Shopper  Why Did You Choose This?
SUSAN H  I've dived with the SCUBA PRO split fins since they first came out. I have found the split fins to be very comfortable and highly maneuverable in water. Other divers have highly recommended the split fin "max" to me and I wanted to upgrade. So I'm hopeful these will be even better than my old split fins.
CHRISTOPHER L  Great fins, but I highly recommend that you try them on at a local shop to make sure that you know the appropriate size...then order them from LP and save some $
STEVEN S  needed new fins
ADAM W  Split fin decreases exertion, allowing for air conservation and longer dive times. Comfortable and solid.
TERRY F  Purchased for my Father in Law. You cant go worng split fins.
STEVE C  its scubapro and i have the twin jet full foot fins but spend the extra money for the spring heel straps my wife did not at first now she has them also
Paul R  These are really nice fins unless you have to swim in strong current. Everybody gets excellent service at LeisurePro. The best dive store in the USA! Paul PADI REscue Diver
PETER B  I wear a size 15 shoe what size fins should i buy ?
LEWIS A  I wear a size 15 as well and I wear an XXL with a spring strap.
PATRICIA N  My husband wears a size 12 shoe and bought an XL Fin. He loves the he’s ever used... highly recommends them to anyone that will listen. The XL is a good fit for his size 12 (shoe size) and might be for you but if a larger size is available it might be a good idea for a 15. I’d imagine Leisure Pro would know that. Worst case, buy the XL and give it a go. I’ve always found LP super to deal with on returns.
Shopper  do these come with spring straps if not do you carry these for an additional cost?
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