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Scuba Pro Jet Fins

Dive Pink & Fight Breast Cancer. Includes a $5 Donation

181 reviews
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About Scuba Pro Jet Fins

Featured Reviews

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Best fins ever made

By Sex C.

These fins can't be beat. Had mine since 1969 and still using them. Got a small split in foot pocket just last week and still was able to do a timed 800 meter speed snorkel and a 100 meter tired diver tow for Divemaster. In 800 meter, I smoked 3 other younger guys with new hi-tech fins.Fins held up fine.I'm 53 now(got them in 8th grade) and will eventually maybe have to replace them. Spraying them with silicone when storing will make them last forever.


There is a reason.....


There is a reason that these fins have been in continuous production since the 60's! There is a reason that these are the prefered fins for the military, cave, wreck, and technical divers! That reason is that ScubaPro got them right the first time and then left them alone! I have been diving for forty years now and I have never used a better fin. This fins offers incredible power and control. You can easily do manuevers with them (helicopter, reverse sculling, etc.) that are difficult or impo...

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Setting the standard back in 1965, yet still today the choice of many experienced divers the ultimate Jet Fins made from high-quality rubber. The Jet Fin was original and still is the most popular fins for commercial and military use because of its very powerful propulsion. The Jet Fin is the choice of diving professionals. This classic old school" designed fin allows you to join the ranks of the professional divers with the Scubapro Jet Fins. These fins are used by instructors and dive masters around the world who demands power and durability in a vented fin. Classic design gives excellent propulsion and comfort when fining. Fins provide exceptional speed with minimal effort.

The vented blade design allows water to flow-through the vents on the weaker down-stroke of fining, reducing pressure and providing less strain on the leg. When fining in the up-stroke, due to the angle of the vent, the fin reacts as a solid blade for maximum power and propulsion.

Jet Fins come equipped with strong and durable spring fin straps with plastic and metal buckles for bulletproof reliability. Do you find yourself frustrated while trying to adjust your fin Straps while floating in the water or while wearing bulky diving gloves? Have you ever discovered that your fin strap was too tight or too loose too late? The spring heel straps offer ditching/donning ease and dive long comfort. You'll never battle fin straps again. These corrosion resistant straps have a comfortable cover and steel springs that are depth compensating so they will contract when you go to depth and your boots compress with the increase of water pressure. They will also re-expand upon ascent. The Jet Fins are available in multiple sizes and is black in color.

DIVE PINK & FIGHT BREST CANCER! For every Pink Fins $5 will be donated to fight breast cancer.

Warranty Information

This product has a limited lifetime warranty.

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Scuba Pro Jet Fins Features

  • Scuba Pro Jet Fins:
  • Setting the Standard Back in 1965!
  • Proven Vented Design
  • Choice of Combat and Tactical Units Worldwide
  • Used by Scuba Instructors and Diving Professionals
  • Excellent Propulsion and Comfort in Vented Fin
  • Durable Rubber Construction
  • Provides Exceptional Speed with Minimal Effort
  • Water Flows-Thru Vents on Weaker Down-Stroke of Fining
  • Vents Reduce Pressure, Providing Less Strain on Leg
  • Angle of the Vent Reacts as a Solid Blade on Up-Stroke
  • Up-Stroke Provides Maximum Power and Propulsion
  • Available in Multiple Sizes and Colors
  • Spring Straps:
  • Makes Donning and Doffing a Breeze
  • Increased Dive Comfort
  • Corrosion Resistant Materials
  • Fins Never Too Tight or Loose
  • Depth Compensating Design
  • Dive Boots Compress, Straps Contract, Boot Decompresses Strap Expands

Scuba Pro Jet Fins Customer Reviews

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Most Liked Positive Review


Best fins ever made

These fins can't be beat. Had mine since 1969 and still using them. Got a small split in foot pocket just last week and still was able to do a timed 800 meter speed snorkel and a 100 meter tired diver tow for Divemaster. In 800 meter, I smoked 3 other younger guys with new hi-tech fins.Fins held up fine.I'm 53 now(got them in 8th grade) and will eventually maybe have to replace them. Spraying them with silicone when storing will make them last forever.


Most Liked Negative Review


collectors item and way overpriced

This fin was good in the past, there are better ones around now, forget about the nostalgia thing.

Reviewed by 181 customers


Good quality

By Sarah B.

Arrived quickly & works great


Great value on terrific fins

By Gregory M.

Awesome fins!


the foot pocket is critical


from ottumwa, IA, US

i dive in vareous conditoons,under ice,in current like palau, australia ,lakes&rivers.they are negative so as to keep my feet down!!they are stiff but your legs will strengthen to them.the foot pocket size is critical to not getting blistors or toe squeeze with the spring straps i love them ..3500 LOGGED DIVES and still they are my best choice..P.S.they are life time guaranteed!!



By Dawson M.

from asheville, NC, US

great fin, lasts forever, they will be the last fin you will ever need to buy!!!


Probably the Best Fins Ever Made

By JamesBon92007

from Riverside, CA, US

With over 47 years of scuba diving and 53 years of free diving I've worn a lot of different types of fins and these are my #1 choice. Someone said they are negative however they were originally designed to be the same density as salt water and I've never noticed them to be negative in the water. They will glide you through calm water by barely moving them downward due the the jet effect and will deliver the power you need going through surf or rescuing someone wearing crappy fins ;) The will also last for decades if rinsed and dried out of the sun. The pair I'm using now were made in the late 60s. I much prefer the "Lightning" Jet Fins that have a lightning bolt through the ScubaPro insignia. They are more flexible than the originals. And, as someone else pointed out, they fit in my carry-on!


third set in forty years of diving


from Gainesville, TX, US

For serious free diving chasing fish, dragging around a dinghy drift diving and for pushing yourself around in scuba gear nothing in my experience beats these fins. Coupled with seasoft booties and the spring straps this makes for the perfect high performance setup. G


Scubapro jet fins


from Broken Arrow, OK, US

Ordered these first in size med, i could not fit my booties in them. Exchanged for size large which fit perfectly. I wear size 7 1/2 shoe . Love the pink! Got my husband white so I can find him underwater. Best of all, and the reason I chose these is they fit in our bags to check!


Awesome old design with spring straps


I have always used this fun and have them in size XXL and XXXL this time I was buying for my 11 yr old son whose size is men's 8 withoceanic 3 mil booties. I was afraid it was too much for a young kicker but as it turned out he loves them and the weight was fine in the water nice feature is they now include spring strap instead if the old rubber design which I would have retrofitted anyway the white color was great for keeping an eye on him


Great Fins

By Miguel M.

Great fins, quite simple design line but good performance


Excellent fins. Fit just right

By Dr M.

Overall excellent fin. Comfortable and sturdy.


Timeless Classic / Proven Design

By JP P.

The Jet Fin design is a proven classic. I was issued my first pair in the early 80's as a Marine Combatant Diver and still use them today. Some things to consider before using these fins are the conditioning required to get the most performance and the negative buoyancy. These fins are short, broad and stiff compared to modern design and you will be required to be in good swimming condition to get the most out of these. They will "jet" you through the water if you have the strength they demand. They are excellent for the frog kick and bent leg kick and do not require much strength to do either of those. They are very negative which can prove advantageous when dry suit diving or minimizing weight requirements however can prove to be difficult to master when diving near the bottom without stirring up silt or damaging ecosystems. I have tried many different fins in my 34 years of experience but somehow never feel comfortable without my trusted Jet Fins. Paired with the ScubaPro Jet Fin Spring Straps and I will continue to use these for the remainder of my dive career.


Great fins

By Scott

Simple, effective, extremely popular among experienced divers. They are quite heavy but I couldn't imagine diving without them so I still travel with them.


Exactly what I wanted! Thanks,

By giladshay

The best fins for long period of time


Great Service*****

By uwphoto

I like the heavy traditional fin. Maneuvering is great. No ankle weights required for drysuit. Good power.


Best fin on the market

By Joe

Simply the best fin out there. A tried and true design that the scuba industry got right the first time. A heavier and stiffer fin than most on the market. Outstanding for frog kick, but can be used for any kick. Heavy fin is only bad for travel (luggage weight restrictions). Those that complain of "floaty feet/fins" will appreciate a heavier fin underwater. Not the ideal snorkeling fin, but for Scuba diving, it's the best fin out there.


Questions & Answers

Questions about this item:

Shopper  Why Did You Choose This?
BRIAN D  Reputation. Son is a US Navy diver. He swears by them, although not for travel.
James C  Proven product, solid reputation
JEFF P  Experienced divers already know why Jet Fins are great. They're heavy, so they presuppose leg strength, but they're the most rugged out there, very powerful, easy to use for all types of finning, and will last longer than you will. They now also come in brighter colors, which is good for visibility, but now the rubber the colored ones are made of is as good as the black, with about the same degree of flex/stiffness; this wasn't true before.
Brent E  I got a pair of jet fins in 1977 and they worked great for me. Best of all they were indestructible, the reason I bought another pair was they finally cracked in July 2015. Can't say how many dives and trips they made, to many to count. I like a negatively weighted fin it helps keep me in a comfortable diving position which took stress off my neck from looking up all the time. I have tried other fins but always went back to the old style jet fin, with the spring strap.
Vincent K  I wanted a durable replacement set of fins that suited my diving needs.
JOHN G  rocks
KEVIN M  Being an instructor for over 22 years. I have found this fin to bein an x-large is the best for me as for speed with less strain on my legs. and compatability with the way i kick. My students on the other hand feel they are sometimes too large and they choose the large or other fins all together. To each his own.
JOHN B  Classic fin. Powerful if you're a strong finner
DAVID C  used them in the navy
GINNIFER L  For cavern class and they are great!!!
RICARDO P  Fit, design adn price
NEUZA C  The best to cave and wreck diving
ANTHONY S  ""Size problem would like to have it if it fit. Thanks Anthony" "
ANTHONY S  "Size problem would like to have it if it fit. Thanks Anthony"
TRAVIS K  Best fins ever made, OMS Slipstreams are the same but lighter and Turtle fins have a larger foot pocket.
BRIAN H  Hi All; Mainly chose these fins for dry suit diving in Puget Sound, I wear rock boots over my suit and found a large foot pocket would be required for easy donning, I also added spring straps. They are super rugged and make good thrust, they are heavy, and that sort of helps on the buoyancy factor ( smaller ankle weights). So far they have lived up to my expectations.
Jacob Z  Are Jet Fins ok for wet suit diving?
A d  Yes, I dive 6hem with my wetsuit.
CPT RICHARD L V  Hi Jacob, I truly consider these fins to be the best and only fin that one will ever need. I have been diving since 1977, was a Combat Diver in Special Forces, and now a technical driving instructor and have familiarized myself with many other styles to better serve my dive students. I can tell you that for power in a current, maneuverability (such as backing up), and perfect sculling as well as when using the flutter kick, these are the best. I can say that these are the fins of choice for the serious diver and used by professional, military, technical, and commercial divers. As with any item, there is a down to go with their many ups. They are heavy compared to the non-pro choices, but a good fin for cold and warm water, wet or dry suit. I highly recommend replacing the straps with spring straps. I also will choose a XL or XXL size for my male size 9.5 feet and have a thicker soled booty. Having a looser fin, with a little practice, will allow for the thicker booty ( great for rocky/coral), warmth, and will restrict blood flow less keeping feet warmer. Don’t let yourself be taken in by the hype, always looking for a better mousetrap. Look to those doing the cutting edge diving for what and how they dive. Best wishes, CPT. Richard von Trapp U.S.A. (Ret)
GUY M  Yes, I use them in Cozumel with 3mm wetsuit. Mind the foot pocket size accordingly. They are heavier than polymer fins, and the feel may or may not suit your preference. I like the Jet Fins personally in wetsuit or otherwise. There are lighter versions of this fin from OMS in the slipstreams.
MARK L  Yes they can be, take into consideration with jet fins they are heavy and tend to cause your feet to sink, also if you travel they will use up more of your weight limits.
Jacob Z  Jet Fins or Apeks RK3?
Mario C  different divers, different dives different gear... i like rk3 u may not : )
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