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Scubapro 2 Gauge Console, Imperial

SKU: SCP2G MFR: 28.014.920

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Scubapro Scubapro Gauge: Picture 1 regular

About Scubapro Scubapro Gauge

The Scubapro 2 Gauge Console is a lightweight and compact console with a durable impact resistant boot that accommodates the pressure and depth gauge's. The Scubapro 2 Gauge Console is great as a primary or back-up instrument for recreational or more experienced divers. This compact all-in-one console has recessed instrument compartments to protect the instruments face. The boot is equipped with lanyard attachment eyelet to keep the instruments close at hand and not damaging the marine environment.

The oil filled depth gauge has a readout from 0' to 150' of depth with bright orange indicator marks at 10' and 20' to indicate decompression and safety stop requirements if needed. The gauge is equipped with a maximum depth indicator (MDI). The MDI needle will mark your deepest depth reached on a dive. This feature is helpful when logging dive information providing key data for repetitive dives. The depth gauge has a luminous dial for easy reading in night or low light conditions.

The submersible pressure gauge (SPG) has a readout from 0 to 5,000 psi in 500, 1,000, 2,000, 3,000, 4,000 and 5,000 psi numerical increments. Like the depth gauge the SPG has a luminous dial for easy reading. The pressure gauge comes with a 7/16" threaded 34.5" (87.5 cm) high-pressure hose. Both instruments measure 1.96" (55mm) in diameter. The console comes with an instrument instruction.

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 12 months.

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Scubapro Scubapro Gauge Features

  • Scubapro 2 Gauge Console, Imperial:
  • Lightweight and Compact Console
  • Durable Impact Resistant Boot
  • Primary or Back-Up Instrument for Recreational or More-Experienced Divers
  • Compact All-In-One Console
  • Recessed Instrument Compartments, Protect Instruments Face
  • Luminous Dials for Easy-Reading in Night or Low Light Conditions
  • Lanyard Attachment Eyelet
  • Instrument Diameters: 1.96" (55mm)
  • Complete with Instrument Instructions
  • Depth Gauge:
  • Oil Filled Depth Gauge
  • Readout from 0 to 150'
  • Bright Orange Indicator Marks at 10' and 20' for Decompression and Safety Stop Requirements
  • Maximum Depth Indicator (MDI)
  • MDI: Helps in Planning and Logging Repetitive Dives
  • Pressure Gauge:
  • Readout from 0 to 5,000 psi
  • Numerical Increments: 500, 1,000, 2,000, 3,000, 4,000 and 5,000 psi
  • 7/16" Threaded 34.5" (87.5 cm) High Pressure Hose

Questions & Answers

Questions about this item:

Daniel C  I've owned this gauge console for a few years. I recently damaged the hose near the first stage. Replacing the hose should be fairly simple, but unlike other soft rubber boots this boot is a harder plastic or resin. Is there a secret to getting the pressure gauge free from the boot? Rubber boots (soaked in warm water) become pliable enough to push the gauge through. I'm trying to avoid damage to the boot and/or the gauge - but i really need to replace the hose. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
Mario C  Thank you for your question. tried it here on the store on a brand new gauge and was able with some force to remove the spg. Since your unit is not and softer as the one that i tried on you will have a higher risk of breaking the boot. My recommendation is to bring it to an authorized Scubapro dealer like us that will have the expertise to do it with less risk of breaking the boot. As far as softening warm water does help, was not needed on the new unit. Hope it helps.
Mark R  Will diving below the 150' max limit of the depth gauge, damage it in any way?
MARIE S  I am a recreational diver so have never been that deep!
Mark R  Well gosh, Marie, thanks for taking the time to reply, that was extremely helpful.
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