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JBL Woody Magnum Spear Gun (6W46)

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About JBL Woody Magnum Spear Gun (6W46)

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My favorite!!

By seistar

Only trouble comes from the rubbers, the stainless elbows break much too often...

Point, shoot, eat. It's about that easy if you're shooting a JBL Woody spear gun. Each solid African mahogany blank is hand selected for straightness and grain pattern. The result: a spear gun that works just as well stoning fish as it does looking good. Just pick one up and you'll know what we're talking about. Comfortable in Blue Water or right off the beach, these guns are the best shooting partner you'll ever dive with.

The all new M8 Trigger is perfection New internal components reduce loading force by 50%. Like its predecessor, the M7, it can handle inhuman levels of pressure 2400 lbs. (1089 kg), yet still deliver a butter-smooth pull less than 8 lbs. (3.63 kg). The secret is its proprietary three-piece trigger mechanism. Laser cut 1/4 (6.35mm) stainless components ensure that it's the strongest trigger in the world.

The Woody Magnum feature hardened 17-4 stainless steel shaft JBL751SA 51" (1.3 meters) long with a 5/16" (8 mm) diameter and two 9/16"(14mm) O D Hi-Mod JBL224 bands with 302 stainless wire wishbones. The Gun is equipped with the JBL515 Shock Line. Sometimes we miss or we shoot a large fish and the recoil can pull the gun out of your grip, which ever, the shock line will keep you in control. The Guns range is 24' (7.3 meters). The Guns overall length is 56" (142.25 cm).

The JBL823 tip is designed for large powerful fish. JBL's breakaway point has 4"(10.2 cm) wings and 3" (7.6 cm) slip-tip configuration. The Tip is hardened 17-4 stainless and features a multi-braid stainless cable in 1/16" (2mm) diameter. These tips hang on no matter how hard the fight while minimizing damage to your spear shaft. Their low-profile, double barbed design allows for pinpoint accuracy and dependable deployment. Don't trust a once in a lifetime fish to anything else. Gun has positive buoyancy.

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This product has a limited warranty of 12 months.



JBL Woody Magnum Spear Gun (6W46) Features

  • JBL Woody Magnum (6W46):
  • Point, Shoot, Eat
  • Perfect Mix of Power, Weight, and Balance
  • Solid African Mahogany-Stock:
    Precision Accuracy in All-Conditions
    Legendary JBL Performance and Durability
    Blank is Hand-Selected for Straightness and Grain-Pattern
    Works Just-as-Well Shooting Fish as it does Looking Good!
  • Legendary Three-Piece M8 Trigger Mechanism:
    Laser Cut Design
    Three Piece Trigger Mechanism
    1/4" (6.35mm) Stainless Components: Strongest Mechanism
    New Internal Components Reduce Load Force by 50% Handle Inhuman Levels of Pressure 2400 lbs. (1089 kg)
    Provide Shooters w/Buttery Smooth, Effortless Trigger Pull
  • Hardened 17-4 Spring Stainless Steel Shafts:
    51" x 5/16" (129.5 cm x 8 mm) Shaft
    Corrosion Resistant 17-4 (spring) Stainless
    Hand-Tuned for Alignment then Heat-Treated for Maximum Hardness
    Reduce-Flex and Provide Optimum Energy Transfer
    6mm Threaded Point and 3" (7.6 cm) Tuned Flopper Wing
  • Slings:
    Unique Latex Formula
    302 Stainless Steel Wishbone
    Special Anti-Oxidants Protect from UV
    Durable Long Life Design
    Two Nitro 24" x 9/16" (610 mm x 14mm) Slings
  • Handle: Ergonomic 45° Design & Hex Pattern Increases Grip Control & Accuracy
  • JBL515 Shock Line
  • Glass Filled Polymer Closed Muzzle
  • Full Shaft Rail Contact for Maximum Accuracy
  • Gun Overall Length: 56" (142.25 cm)
  • Reach: 24' (7.3 meters)
  • Floatation: Positively Buoyant

JBL Woody Magnum Spear Gun (6W46) Customer Reviews

Reviewed by 1 customers


My favorite!!

By seistar

Only trouble comes from the rubbers, the stainless elbows break much too often...


Questions & Answers

Questions about this item:

Ian S  Does this gun require a reel and a spool of line? If so which is best ?
Sam S  This model does not require a reel to be used. As with all JBL Spearguns, shooting line is included standard so that it may be used right out of the box. A reel can be added for supplemental shooting line. We recommend the Pacific Reel.
Brant D  It does not require a reel or spool if you are diving shallow or going for small to midsize fish (up to maybe 20 lbs). You can use a float line set up as well. If you anticipate shooting larger fish a reel and spool of line will be a good idea. There are several reels that work with JBL guns. Check with the manufacturer to make sure you get the right adapter and correct reel that works with this specific model.
WILLIAM B  No. It has a tether with about a 25’ range. This is an awesome gun and I prefer it over the ocean rhino.
Shopper  Is this a good weapon for a beginner?
Michelle C  I would not buy this for a new spearfisherman. a shorter one would be best for a beginner.
Sam S  It is a larger speargun, so for someone new to spearfishing they might find it a overwhelming. It's possible to "grow into" a speargun of this size but we recommend starting with a Sawed-Off or speargun of similar size.
DEVIN D  I was a beginner using it and it worked well for me. I don't have anything to compare it to. The safety mechanism works great and I've speared blackish and flounder with it. I don't advise anything larger if you are diving in the northeast.
Shopper  does this speargun come with a tip?
THOMAS W  YES - Great Gun . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
TIM S  Yes, mine came with a tri-tip, breakaway. Nice tip, very sharp until you hit a rock. Has to be resharpened on a grinder, which isn't easy to bring along. I bought a backup tip, same as above but rock-tip, which you can sharpen with a file.
DAVID M  Yes, it is a break away tip. Very useful on a long shafted spear.
J.VICTOR L  Yes, comes with a breakaway spearpoint.
ANN M  It comes with a dual flopper break away tip. which is adequate. but not the best tip available. if you are serious about using this gun regularly, I would invest in an ice pick breakaway tip and convert the gun to a breakaway shaft. Yes it comes with a tip.
REY G  JBL Breakaway Tri Cut tip. Great gun. Just bagged a 100 pound Cuberra snapper in guld of mexico. Gun has extreme power
TRISTON E  Yes it comes with a break away tip.
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