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Hollis Open Heel Bat" Dive Fins F-1

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About Hollis Open Heel Bat" Dive Fins F-1

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Great All around fin

By evac93rd

First let me say that comments such as "unbelievably heavy" are in my humble opinion, unbelievably stupid. If you need to wear weight when you dive and if weight on your feet will help to trim you into a more streamlined configuration, then you NEED a pair of heavy fins. If you tend to trim head up, by all means obtain the lightest pair that suits your swimming style. One of the silliest things I have ever seen is a dive buddy of mine who insists on wearing her ultra-light fins with 5-lbs ank...

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By Ian L.

Just put away the splitfins after using these, power and control, pretty easy to kick with as well. Nice and short.

The Hollis F1 Bat" Fins give power without compromise. The Hollis fin blends graceful movement, power, and bulletproof construction. Meet the new standard in diving! The Hollis Open Heel Bat" Fins use classic vented fin construction with new age technologies. Fins are equipped with spring heel fins straps with easy grip heel tabs and generous foot pockets for fast donning and doffing. Heel tab loops can also be used to hang fins for drying or storage in a dive locker. The spring straps have multiple strap mounting positions for a fine-tuned fit. The strap mounts are also angled for comfort and a better transition of power.

Like the original vented fins the F-1 Bat" Fins are constructed from high-grade, heavy-duty rubber for exceptional strength and durability. The vented blade design with unique channels on the blade tips reduce stress while accelerating water over the blade and focusing the flow of water for added power. The fins are available in multiple sizes and colors.

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Hollis Open Heel Bat" Dive Fins F-1 Features

  • Hollis Open Heel Bat" Dive Fins F-1:
  • Power without Compromise
  • Fin Blends Graceful Movement, Power, and Bulletproof Construction
  • Material: High-Grade, Heavy-Duty Rubber
  • Exceptional Strength and Durability
  • Classic Vented Fin Construction with New Age" Technologies
  • Vented Blade Design with Unique Channel on the Blade Tips
  • Vents & Channels: Reduce Stress, Accelerating Water Over-the-Blade
  • Vents & Channels: Focus Flow-of-Water for Added Power
  • Spring Heel Fins Straps with Easy-Grip Heel Tabs
  • Heel Tab Loops: Hang Fins for Drying or Storage in Dive Locker
  • Generous Foot Pockets
  • Straps & Foot Pocket: Easy Donning and Doffing
  • Multiple Strap Mounting Positions for a Fine-Tuned Fit
  • Strap Mounts are Angled-for-Comfort and Better Transition-of-Power
  • Available in Multiple Sizes and Colors

Hollis Open Heel Bat" Dive Fins F-1 Customer Reviews

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Most Liked Positive Review


Great All around fin

First let me say that comments such as "unbelievably heavy" are in my humble opinion, unbelievably stupid. If you need to wear weight when you dive and if weight on your feet will help to trim you into a more streamlined configuration, then you NEED a pair of heavy fins. If you tend to trim head up, by all means obtain the lightest pair that suits your swimming style. One of the silliest things I have ever seen is a dive buddy of mine who insists on wearing her ultra-light fins with 5-lbs ank...

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Most Liked Negative Review


Way too heavy!

These fins are UNBELIEVABLY heavy! Every diver in our group made fun of them. Great idea, but, just not these! Would suggest what we did our second go around and buy GIANT size regular fins (from Leisure Pro) to go over our dry dive boots. They fit great over the boots and were not anywhere near as heavy. Please do not waste your money!!!

Reviewed by 44 customers




Never had my dive buddies ask me to slow down till I got these! IMO they are the best tech fin made. Good for any kick style and you might even find a new one or two


Awesome fins


from Wahiawa, HI, US

Awesome fins and are super comfortable. Great power with little effort.


Best fins ever


from Boulder, CO, US

Heavy, BUT I will not go anywhere without them. Saved me numerous times in strong currents.I lowered travel weight on other gear so i can travel with these fins


Best value from LeisurePro and I highly recommend shopping there again

By Katrina L.

Best fin you can expect for tech diving. Large pocket for even rock boot or drysuit boots. Good sturdy design and reliable spring straps. Best value from LeisurePro


Great Fins

By Sandy B.

from San Jose, CA, US

Wonderful alternative to jet fins, if you want the same power and durability without having to purchase spirit spring straps. Everyone I know uses jet fins but I personally can't because they cause me pain on the upper of the foot box. I really enjoy that these offer a deeper more stable fit in the foot box. Will likely buy again. Another plus is that they are slightly negative so they help for people who suffer from floaty feet!


Great technical fin


from Little Rock, AR, US

A great technical fin from Hollis with solid construction, worth the price.


Hollis F1 Fins


from Herndon, VA, US

Excellent fins for any type of diving, but defintely my go-to fins particularly with the weight requirements of technical diving. Already had a larger size pair for drysuit diving, and had the Hollis F-2s for wetsuit technical, but the F-2s just didn't provide the required thrust to meet the needs odd a of technical diver bearing a heavy load. Purchased a smaller sized F-1 fin set for wetsuit technical and they did the trick! Love these fins! They are not overly heavy and have great thrust and agility for helicopter turns, etc. Highly recommended!


Fantastic Fins!

By Jillian G.

from Toronto, ON, CA

Starting with their look they are beatifully styled, easily the 'cutest' fin that I have ever seen. But more importantly is their functionality. I bought these a couple months ago, and have about 12 dives in them, boat dives, shore dives and heavy river current dives. I needed a versatile fin for these wide-ranging Ontario dives that I find myself doing. These fins fit the bill perfectly! They are heavy, but not crazy heavy like the jet fins, and I thought my legs might hurt using them, but I haven't gotten fatigued yet, and I have had some lengthy kickouts with them. My other pair of fins that I love are the mares avanti quattro plus in black, but these F1s have quickly replaced those as my fin of choice. Sizing is pretty right on, I would say, but if you are using a drysuit boot, go up a size more than you thought you would need. I bought the XL but still find it getting stuck on my boots, so I appy a little armor-all on the pocket interior before dive weekends to successfully make the boot easier to get out of the pocket.


Like adding turbos to your feet

By Deadeye

I use the F1s for just about everything. When teaching I like that they are heavy so its easy to demonstrate skills with them without my feet floating. In the ocean I like that they are very powerful and that I can kick through currents when needed where as with other fins I would not be able to. They are very powerful and efficient, you seem to get every ounce of power you put into them back with each fin kick. I will warn that they may be a little too much for new divers. My first pair of fins were the F1s and I too was warned that they are extremely good fins but take a good amount of leg strength. So for about 8 weeks I used them every weekend and would get leg cramps every time I used them. So I bought a different pair of fins that were easy on the legs, which I thought I liked, until I was talked into giving my F1s another try. When I did I was shocked by how powerful they were and with repeated use my legs got strong enough to use them without issues. Not that diving is about going fast and speeding through the ocean, but if diving was a race, these are the fins that would win it. I love them now, and decided to buy a second set for my drysuit. Which I bought from LP a few months ago. Love the spring straps, and everything else about them, they are built like tanks too.


Best fins for serious diver.


- It is heavy. This is not a bad thing but if you are not confortable with this you will take some time to adapt, after this adaptaion you will see that a good buyoancy ask some additional weight on you foot. - Great rubber quality, great design, great springs


Best fins I have ever bought !

By Divemaster L.

As a divemaster these fins are perfect, the yellow tips can be spotted even in low vis dives.


Ultimate Pro Fins

By Ex n.

Powerful, fantastically manoeuvrable, beautifully made. These are for the Pros, if you are not used to stiff, powerful fins they may take some getting used to. Personally, I love them. Great for accurate manoeuvring in caves and wrecks; nothing else quite like them on the market. The yellow tips let everybody recognise me underwater. Heavy out of the water, perfectly balanced in the water. Worth every cent x2.


Outstanding... and FAST!


I'm a master diver and have been diving for well over 20 years. Been a die-hard fan of my old Dacor Turboflex fins that I've had forever. Recently, I started taking the Dive Master courses, and the skill testing includes timed exercises including diver tow and 800 yard swim. I have been training for a couple of weeks now, swimming the 800 yards daily, and had hit a wall in my time. I changed to these fins today (thanks Leisure Pro), and knocked 25% off my time right out of the gate on the first use of them. Can't say enough! More power… less energy. Got toward the end of the 800 yards (24 laps in my pool) and had enough left in me to sprint the last lap, which has never happened before.


Perfect fins for sub zero drysuit diving

By mac d.

These fins from Hollis are nothing short of perfect for dry-suit, tight space and or Sub-zero -diving. I bought these fins much to late in my diving carrear. I literally use less than half the ammount of kicks I used to, with other fins. And in silty condidions that´s key to keep vis. I know this could sound like a Hollis rep. writing right now (I wish, think of all the discount)unfortunately I´m not ;). Everybody i know and dive with here i Denmark uses these fins for drysuit diving (sure it´s a little freaky when all 20 of us show up like Hollis clones, but there is a reason!!) and all the serious Tech´s and Cavers I know, would not enter the deep without a pair (with the lighter F2 version as an exeption for warm drysuit-diving og weatsuit of-course). Conclusion: I have yest to see a nother finn with more kick and manuverabillity than the Hollis F1. Frog-kick, back-kick, helicopters or mod-flutter, you name it, they will perform great!


"I would buy this product again and agai

By cmejlbo

Very powerful fin


Questions & Answers

Questions about this item:

Shopper  Why Did You Choose This?
JOSHUA H  I wanted a fin in 2XL for my drysuit boots and these were on sale. I love them so much I would have paid more for them.
BRYN J  Excellent reputation as a good tech diving fin.
Chris P  These fins are listed as OB, so how did one wind up all black and the other yellow tipped? Plz confirm the size for both is XL. shoe size 10-12 mens.
Joe S  An XL would work for most boots for size 10-12. Heavier duty or thicker boot styles may vary with comfort on the upper end.http://www.turnto.com/tra3/images/submitbttn.png
Mario C  Lol that is a great question.... might be a good story behind this one but we dont know... could be just a boxing mishap.. XL they are
DAK K  Are these the yellow tips?
CRAIG Z  nope
JOHN B  The yellow tips are the ones which you will pay 198.95 not even worth wasting your money. Just get some paint tape tape off the line which you want and spray paint the color off choice. It doesn't matter about the tips either way these fins stay on your botties pretty much in any current.
BEN S  No. The yellow tips have yellow at the very end of the fin
Matthew L  No, these are the regular all black Bat fins. The yellow tips have a yellow stripe across the top 2" of each fin. Great fins.
JEAN MARC H  Only if you select that option in the color selction
DAK K  They are listed as "open box" for $89 with NO options of size or color choice. So yeah, what size and color are $89?
JAMES C  They come in black or yellow tips (a little extra $). FYI, great fins, but very heavy.
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