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Franko Maps, Long Island Bahamas Fish ID-Card

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About Franko Maps, Long Island Bahamas Fish ID-Card

Long Island, The Bahamas The Most Scenic Island in The Bahamas."
Franko's Long Island Mini-Map and Fish Card Side 1: From the small image to the left you can see that Long Island is about 80 miles long (129km), but is less than four miles wide (6.5km). The Tropic of Cancer runs right through the north third of Long Island. An ancient, petrified coral reef common to the entire Bahamas archipelago gives the island two very different coasts: The windward side is where the cliffs and caves of the east Long Island coast are exposed to the crashing Atlantic; The leeward side is where soft, sandy beaches slope into the turquoise Bahamas Bank.

Long Island is thus one of the most picturesque islands in all of The Bahamas. You can image from looking at this tiny map that this is a just a small island, but in reality it would take you hours to drive its length. It covers 173 square miles (278.5km)! When you do drive the length of Long Island you find the terrain ranges widely throughout the island, including white flat expanses from which salt is extracted, to swamplands and marshes, to lovely beaches. The beaches are steeply sloping in the north and low and flat in the south. You will only encounter small villages in your Long Island journey, as the entire island population is less than 4,000. It is interesting to know that Long Island's original inhabitants come from 14 slave plantations, from Roses" in the South to Burnt Ground" in the North. Descendants of African slaves and freed slaves were brought to the island by British ships following the abolition of slavery. Along your Long Island journey you will see farms. Farming was once the mainstay of the Long Island economy, however, a number of hurricanes in the late 1920s and early 1930s, together with the Great Depression, devastated the area and most of the islanders fled to the United States to find a new life. These days farming is once again a mainstay living at Long Island and it is the leading livestock-rearing island in The Bahamas for sheep, goats and pigs. You will also see farmers raising corn, peas, bananas, pineapples and other crops through pothole farming utilizing the fertile topsoil that gathers within holes in the ancient coral limestone.

Side 2 of Franko's Long Island Mini-Map and Fish Card is the fish side. Well over 100 species of fish are arrayed on this (H x L) 5.5" x 8.5" (14cm x 21.6cm) card in an underwater, coral reef setting. Note that the card is sized just right for 3-ring binder-type dive logs. Divers who keep dive log booklets can put this card into their log book to keep track of where they've been, plus what species of fish they've seen. The extensive list of fish and other coral reef creatures found on this card is as follows:

Reef Butterfly Fish, Blue Angelfish, Juvenile Blue Angelfish, Rock Beauty, Gray Angelfish, Juvenile Gray Angelfish, Queen Angelfish, Juvenile Queen Angelfish, French Angelfish, Juvenile French Angelfish, Yellow Fin Damselfish, Porcupine Fish, Jaw Fish, Horse-Eye Jack, Sea Anemone, Tomtate, Spotted Scorpion Fish, Spiny Lobster, Sand Tilefish, Cushion Sea Star, Elkhorn Coral, Creole Wrasse, Brown Tube Sponge, Basket Sponge, Sea Rod, Sea Horse, Cleaning Goby, Bi-color Damselfish, Blue Tang, Juvenile Blue Tang, Spotted Goatfish, Long Spine Squirrelfish, Smooth Trunkfish, Garden Eel, Cero, Bar Jack, Striped Burr Fish, Tobacco Fish, White Grunt, Blue Chromis, Tarpon, Bermuda Chub, Coney, Tiger Grouper, Sargassum Triggerfish, Black Durgon, Ocean Triggerfish, Queen Triggerfish, Banded Butterfly Fish, Spot Fin Butterfly Fish, Pudding Wife, Beaugregory, Spanish Lobster, Midnight Parrotfish, Balloon Fish, High Hat, Yellow Striped Goatfish, Smooth Star Coral, Mountainous Star Coral, Arrow Crab, Brain Coral, Branching Vase Sponge, Sea Cucumber, Sand Diver, Red Lip Blenny, Green Razor Fish, White-Spotted Filefish, Squirrelfish, Trumpet Fish, Fairy Basslet, Queen Parrotfish, Rainbow Parrotfish, Blue Parrotfish, French Grunt, Yellowtail Snapper, Glass Eye Snapper, Sergeant Major, Orange-spotted Filefish, Barred Hamlet, Blue Striped Grunt, Spotted Trunkfish, Honeycomb Cowfish, Spotted Drum, Juvenile Spotted Drum, Four Eye Butterfly Fish, Scrawled Filefish, Grey Snapper, Stoplight Parrotfish, Princess Parrotfish, Nassau Grouper, Spanish Hogfish, Great Barracuda, Graysby, Hogfish, Clown Wrasse, Yellow Head Wrasse, Blue Head Wrasse, Red Hind, Black Grouper, Schoolmaster, Mahogany Snapper, Palometa, Brown Chromis, Stag Horn Coral, Long-Spine Sea Urchin, Peacock Flounder, Glassy Sweepers, Yellow Tube Sponge, Octopus, Sheet Coral, Yellow Stingray, Fire Coral, Sea Fan, Green Moray Eel, Spotted Moray Eel, Orange Sponge, Coral Crab, Giant Brain Coral, Gorgonian Fan, Orange Tube Sponge. Card is printed on laminated plastic so that it is stiff, shiny and waterproof. It has a hole for a lanyard, so you can actually take it diving or snorkeling. Card makes a great gift idea.

Franko Maps, Long Island Bahamas Fish ID-Card Features

  • Must for Underwater Identification
  • Depicts More than 100 Species
  • Map: Scaled-Down Version of Franko's Map of Bahamas Long Island
  • Side One Map Shows:
    Bahamas Long Island
    Respective Major Scuba and Snorkeling Sites
    Major Roads and Towns
    Major Landmarks and Hills
    Rays Turtle and Shark
  • Side Two Shows: 100-Plus Caribbean Reef Creatures
    Colorful Fishes
    Angelfish, Parrotfish, Groupers
    Hogfish, Wrasse, Butterfly Fish
    Sponges, Sea Fans and Sea Anemone
  • Dimensions: (H x L) 5.5" x 8.5" (14cm x 21.6cm)
  • Material: Laminated Plastic
  • Hole-Punched for Attachment of Lanyard
  • Stiff, Shiny and Waterproof
  • Ease of Maintenance: Rinse with Fresh Water after Day in the Sea
  • Great Gift Idea
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