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Aqua Sphere Zip VX Fins

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Aqua Sphere : Picture 1 regular

About Aqua Sphere Zip VX Fins

The Aqua Sphere Zip VX Fins are designed to let you get more out of your swimming sessions. Some of its many benefits include increased cardiovascular conditioning and ankle flexibility. It also helps build greater strength in the legs and increases caloric burn, with the use of larger leg muscles. The fins leverage your natural kicking motion to produce a springboard effect and considerably increase swimming efficiency, keep the body in the right position and better your thrust. It has buckles that are easy to adjust, giving you just the right fit. The pads on the fin rails are non-slip, giving you traction for an improved push-off from the wall.

The hole in the blade creates vortices, which increase thrust. The narrow blade gives you improved kicking mechanics, which lessens the stain and fatigue on your legs. The Aqua Sphere Zip VX Fins are perfect to use in swim training and can be used by swimmers of all levels. The fin straps have a large thumb loop for easier donning and doffing. The loop also provides a means to hang the fins for drying after use. Composite Fins are made from plastic and rubber, measure (L x W) 12" x 6" (30.5 cm x 15.25 cm) and are available in multiple sizes.

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 12 months.

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Aqua Sphere Zip VX Fins Features

  • Aqua Sphere Zip VX Fins:
  • Designed to Get More Out of Swimming Sessions
  • Increased Cardiovascular Conditioning and Ankle Flexibility
  • Builds Greater Strength in Legs and Increases Caloric Burn
  • Allows Use of Larger Leg Muscles
  • Leverages Natural Kicking Motion to Produce Springboard Effect
  • Considerably Increase Swimming Efficiency
  • Keeps Body in Right Position and Better Thrust
  • Easy to Adjust Buckles for Right Fit
  • Pads on Fin Rails are Non-Slip, Gives Traction for Improved Push-Off Wall
  • Hole in Blade Creates Vortices, for Increase Thrust
  • Narrow Blade Gives Improved Kicking Mechanics
  • Lessens Stain and Fatigue on Legs
  • Perfect for Swim Training
  • For Swimmers of All Levels
  • Fin Straps: Large Thumb Loop for Easier Donning and Doffing
  • Loops Provides Means to Hang Fins for Drying & Storage
  • Material: Composite Rubber and Plastic
  • Dimensions: (L x W) 12" x 6" (30.5 cm x 15.25 cm)

Aqua Sphere Zip VX Fins Customer Reviews

Reviewed by 2 customers


Not up to standard.

By east d.

Not nearly as good as the yellow and black fins made by this manufacturer. It feels like the "thrust" is diminished. The opening for toes also cut into my skin, unlike the older model.


------Cheapened these up

By Jertigger

Poor design, cheapened these up to save money, yellow and black ones were longer and wider, these also have a triangle of material left out for "efficiency". Much lighter workout with these, These are going back. Feels like I dont have fins on when doing the dolphin kick


Questions & Answers

Questions about this item:

Flori S  is this product good for doing laps in the pool and adding propulsion?
LINDA D  I do not like the Zip VX Fins as much as the older style Zips. The back strap isn't as comfortable, harder to adjust.
Jerome R  I didn't like them ,I purchased a pair about 2 years loved them but chlorine took its tool. New ones are smaller and have a triangle cutout (white space) I was used to the force of the black and yellow ones. If you nave never used fins these would probably work well. I noticed a big difference when doing the dolphin kick.
Frank L  Yes, that is what they were designed for.
Mariana L  is there a size chart for these fins?
PETER G  Nope, but it doesn't matter. just ballpark it and you'll be good.
Frank L  Yes, we will post it shortly. But here is a quick rundown: SMALL= Men's 4-7, Women's 6-9 MEDIUM = Men's 7-10, Women's 9-12 LARGE = Men's 10-13, Women's 12-14
James H  I have a size "13" shoe size. Will the "Large" size in this fin accommodate (I know that it's "adjustable"), however, I need to be absolutely sure, BEFORE ORDERING? THANKS
Michael C  Unfortunately I cannot say 100% if it will fit you perfectly, but Large is the largest size this fin comes in.
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