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Spearguns help divers target their prey with accuracy and precision. This nifty piece of underwater equipment launches a metal spear with a surprising amount of force. Designed to feel like a natural extension of your arm, spearguns allow you to catch fish in a deliberate, swift stroke. They also feature maximum power capabilities and an ergonomic grip so you can hit your target easily.

Leisure Pro offers a vast lineup of models for every speargun fisherman, regardless of shooting style, skill level, or hunting environment. Our spearguns for sale come from top brands at discounted prices. Shop for top-quality hunting gear without burning a hole in your pocket today.

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  • Designed for left and right handed shooting
  • Low profile handle, Rigid carbon barrel
  • Reverse trigger addes 7 cm of arming length
  • Open muzzle design for circular bands
  • Shaft rail for better shooting accuracy

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Beuchat Marlin Carbon HD Spear Gun


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  • Precision, big game spear gun
  • High performance tapered carbon barrel
  • Ergonomic 30 degree pistol grip
  • Integrated reel bracket
  • Tri-face cut tip and HD barb

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