XS Scuba Scuba Diving Regulators

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Scuba diving regulators are an essential component of your diving equipment, acting as the lifeline between you and your air source underwater. The regulator connects to your dive tank and together, they make up a self-contained breathing apparatus that allows you to breathe comfortably while diving.

The compressed air inside scuba tanks is stored at extremely high pressures. This could, in turn, cause injury if air is breathed in directly from the tank. Your regulator reduces the pressure of the compressed air to make breathing underwater possible. Ensure your safety and shop for a diving regulator at Leisure Pro today.

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  • Hookah for surface supplied breathing gas
  • Ideal for commercial divers
  • Over built design for heavy commercial use
  • Low profile exhaust tee
  • Simple downstream demand valve design

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XS Scuba Inspire Regulator


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  • Nitrox ready up to 40%
  • Lightweight, pliable MiFlex hose
  • Balanced diaphragm 1st stage design
  • Pneumatically balanced 2nd stage
  • Environmentally sealed

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