Our Winning Team

Aaron N. Sales Rep.

Being a new addition to the Leisure Pro team, Aaron sure brings with him a passion for diving. Whether diving locally in the Northeast or on one of his many diving adventures worldwide Aaron has water on his mind. Now over 5 years in the diving industry Aaron has acquired a diving knowledge that only a few elite posses. If he's not in the water or at Leisure Pro, you're sure to find him watching a professional sporting event that seems to be his only surface interval. So, If you have a diving question or just want to chat about last nights game Aaron is your man.

Charlie K. Sales Rep.

Charlie is one of Leisure pros longtime employees with over 14 years in dive industry tucked into his BC pocket. Charlie truly has a handle on what works for his clientele. Being a 16-year member of our team has its benefits, Charlie boasts the largest clientele over any sales team member. This great success is owed to his vast knowledge of the sport, backed by his own personal experiences. Having a vast knowledge in scuba equipment gives Charlie the ability to run our used equipment department as well. If you need some extra cash or its time to upgrade you old gear and feel its worth more than just hanging it in the garage, give Charlie a call and watch him make you scuba dreams come true.

David R. Sales Rep.

Being a 13-year member of the Leisure Pro family, should say it all. There isn't a day that goes by in the shop that you won't hear David say I remember when…. masks only came in one color, an octopus was some thing you went to search for while diving not attached to your first stage or when a weight belt was the only way to carry your weights. After every time you can hear him say, wow we got it easy now! David's been around the Scuba block for a long time and loves to share his passion with all his customers. His mild mannered, relaxed pace and commitment to customer satisfaction shows in every conversation. He's always ready to offer you his knowledge based on countless experiences throughout his career in the diving industry.

Kevin F. Sales Rep.

Kevin is the newest addition to our sales team. Originally from Connecticut, Kevin is now a full-fledged New Yorker who takes every opportunity to get wet. Whether it's a local cold water dive in a drysuit or a dive at a tropical destination, Kevin is truly happiest only when he is underwater. He originally grew up exploring the forests of the Northeast United States, but now the exploring the underwater world is his main passion. The instant Kevin started diving; he was hooked and knew it was something he wanted to do for a career. After a few years of gaining experience and diving in several countries, he became an instructor for SDI and PADI. Soon he plans to venture into technical diving and rebreathers.

Kevin's second passion is photography. From a young age, he was interested in the art of creating inspiring images and it was an easy transition to adapt his land-based photographic skills to the underwater realm. Naturally, his passion has grown to include videography as well as traditional still photography. Kevin loves gear and gadgets, so if you need any piece of equipment or just a little extra knowledge in underwater photography and video - Kevin is your man!

Professional Credentials Professional Credentials, Professional Credentials, SSI Specialty Instructor, PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer, Emergency First Response Instructor, Underwater photography and videography

Yankey D. Sales Rep.

Yankey as his name indicates is a true New Yorker. From his all business attitude of, getting every thing done in a New York minute. To his attention to detail when he customizes a Scuba package for his loyal customers. This 9-year veteran of Leisure Pro is truly a company All-star just like his favorite Baseball team (Yankees if you could guess that one!). The only time Yankey isn't a true New Yorker, is when he shows unlimited patience to his new customers that lack experience and require his expertise in what equipment would work for them. His honest and practical opinions weigh heavy in the minds of his clients that confidently tend to follow him blindly with the trust of a student, teacher relationship. When Yankey's not behind his desk he usually can be found in the Long Island sound doing what he loves, Spear fishing for Blackfish along the jetties.

Joel T. Service Manager / Technician

Joe as we refer to him, isn't your average Joe! He's one of the finest technical service advisors around. Whether it's a free flowing regulator, annual service or just a tweak to the intermediate pressure. Joe's our guy and yours too! Certified in repair and service for over a dozen name brands, He is a catalog of schematics and blueprints with the ingenuity of a seasoned professional. His honest opinion is a fresh welcome to our customers that rely on his expertise.

Professional Credentials Graduate: Diving Technologies International

Rick U. Customer Relations Manager

Rick has been heading our customer relations department for the past eight years. Rick's never ending pursuit for customer satisfaction trickles all the way down the customer relations department to each of his co-workers. Our customer relations department is directly responsible for Leisure Pros outstanding ratings in Bizrate.com and the Better Business Bureau. Whether you need a return or have a warranty issue, Rick diligently documents all of your requests and flawlessly executes the proper procedures to insure our customers the quickest possible resolution to any situation.

Moshe K. Web System Administrator

Since Leisure Pro has gone dot com Mike's been there. Working diligently at his desk Mike has a gift of turning any idea in to a web reality. Constantly updating and upgrading our extensive website his work / passion is never done. Coming to Leisure Pro not familiar in scuba diving posed a challenge for Mike. Throughout the years working on and developing our website wore off on him and he came down with the scuba flu. Now many years later he's more than an avid diver ironically diving wearing a Sherwood Avid BC. Mikes a Master Diver with hundreds of dives logged and even more hours spent diving our website so you can swim through it with ease!

Sol K. Purchasing Department

Sol Brings over 15 years of purchasing dive equipment experience to the Leisure Pro family. When he's not under a mountain of catalogs or meeting with industry reps, Sol is out in the field traveling around the world hunting for the latest and best Scuba equipment the industry has to offer. Whether it's a high Tec regulator from Sweden or valve adaptor from California, Sol is the first to bring it in to our company. Surrounded by thank you cards from industry CEO's that Sol put on the market, he patiently studies up to the date data on safety and manufacturing standards to bring only the finest quality products Leisure Pro's customers. Due to Sol's dedication he puts Leisure Pro at the forefront with filling our 50,000 square foot warehouse with the largest selection of on hand diving accessory's any Scuba Diving facility has to offer. This six foot four Advanced Open Water and avid Wreck Diver finds great satisfaction in knowing that he is Leisure Pro's industry pioneer.

Max P. General Manager

Max is far more than just Parr for the course! Max is Leisure Pro! Just to give you an idea, Max starts his day before dawn and arrives at our warehouse at 6:00am for his daily ritual of a full walk through and inventory update. He is always the first at his 7:00 am warehouse staff meeting and some how always is in a great mood! At 9:00 he arrives at our showroom in Manhattan, NYC for the showroom opening. He oversees all daily operations and never seems to run out of steam. His diving industry knowledge is unsurpassed; he is a certified PADI Advanced Diver and can't put down his underwater digital camera. He loves cold and warm water diving and can't wait for his next dive vacation! (The one he never gets!) His office is cluttered with dive photos that he's taken and artifacts he recovered. He's been running Leisure Pro for the past 15 years and says he got 30 more in him! Max winds down his day way after the showroom closes, I don't think I ever saw him leave in all my years. When does he sleep…?