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fire coral in deep blue waters
by: Nevin

Playing With Fire Underwater: Fire Coral Demystified

Most scuba divers who have dived in tropical or sub-tropical reefs would have been cautioned about getting stung by the...
by: Noreen

Diving With Whale Sharks: An Experience Of A Lifetime

Ask an avid diver about the creatures they long to encounter on one of their dives and I can almost...
by: Nevin

The Mimic Octopus and the Wonderpus

There are two recently discovered species of rare but stunning octopus that are found only in the waters around Bali...
by: Nevin


Getting its name from its stone-like appearance, the Stonefish is without a doubt one of the ugliest fish in the...
by: Noreen

5 Marine Life Questions Answered

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by: Nevin

Meet the Bizarre Bottom-dwelling Batfish

Picture yourself scuba diving, hovering just above the sea bed, when you sight a slight disturbance up ahead in the...
by: Noreen

Amazing Marine Animal Facts

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by: Noreen

Weird & Wonderful Underwater Creatures Of The Sea

The sheer diversity of underwater species is just astounding. Scuba diving and underwater photography are great way to experience the...
by: Noreen

Watch Your Step For These Bottom Dwelling Sea Creatures!

If you thought the only creature to look for when scuba diving, snorkeling or just swimming in the ocean was...
by: Noreen

When Titan Triggerfish Attack

As we saw recently in a previous post, your odds of being attacked by a shark , are so slim,...
by: Noreen

Phytoplankton: A Microscopic Organism With A Huge Impact

Did you know that the tiny specs of organisms called phytoplankton are practically the back bone of not just marine...
by: Noreen

Giant Clams- They Don’t Get More Shellfish Than This

The largest of all mollusks, the giant clam is an important part of most of the coral reefs of the...
by: Noreen

Meet The Masters Of Camouflage- The Cuttlefish

With greenish-blue blood, three hearts, a doughnut shaped brain and the ability to change color in a flash, the Cuttlefish...
by: Noreen

Diving Marine Life Guides: The Eel Appeal

Scuba divers, for as long as we can remember have had a fascination with eel sightings. We've heard divers narrate...
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