Top 3 Worst Shark Movies

Top 3 Worst Shark Movies

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fake shark attackShark scientists are working very hard to change the public perception of sharks from one of a bloodthirsty killer to one of the most important species in the sea. Sharks inhabit every ocean at nearly every zone — even the impossibly deep — and have been on this planet for a staggering 400 million years. They are incredible creatures, and sadly, many human fatalities by sharks cannot be helped, as nature itself is a savage beast. But when these things happen, the knee-jerk reaction is that the offending animal (or even more) must be killed, as it is a terrifying monster that stalks the seas in search of human blood.

Movies play a role in the public’s perception of sharks as monsters, but it almost seems like some of them are making parodies of the idea that sharks are man-hunters. They’re too outrageous to be anything close to reality, yet they scare the daylights out of people all over the world. Enjoy our top 3 worst shark movie clips!


2-Headed Shark Attack




Shark Attack 3: Megalodon

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  1. Unfortunately, movie sector is “killing” these wonderful creatures for years. This insanity has started with the Jaws series. I remember a TV show in National Geographic Channel, inviting the writer of Jaws to a boat and make him watch them diving with the Great White. Then he has even accepted that he might have made a mistake.

    Still, in 2013, while some conscious protesters have been able to make the Hong Kong government ban the fin trade, I have seen a movie -don’t remember the name” couple of weeks ago. In the movie, a freak guy is kidnapping several people whom he thinks responsible for his son’s death. He takes these people to an island like Lost. Everyday, they play a game in a cave with a different species of shark. Everyday, one of the hostages die, only one of them stay alive at the end after a great fight with a Great White. In the movie, the Great White was yelling, grunting and willing to eat human flesh! This ain’t true.

    Don’t let these movies fear you and kill those sharks by not watching/buying/renting this kind of movies.

  2. Amazing that none of the “Jaws” sequels made the list. The 3rd and 4th installments were so bad you might find yourself rooting for the shark!

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