Peeing in Your Wetsuit: Hot or Not?

Peeing in Your Wetsuit: Hot or Not?

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They say there are two types of divers in the world: those who pee in their wetsuits, and those who lie about it, making the subject one of the more uncomfortable discussions on the dive boat.

peeing in your wetsuitPeeing in your wetsuit may sound pretty gross to you, but every diver faces this call of nature at some point in their diving life. There are actually some pretty compelling reasons to do it even though it isn’t the most pleasant thought. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of peeing in your wetsuit.

Let it go, let it go…

It is perfectly natural to have the urge to pee when you are diving. There is a biological phenomenon known as immersion diuresis. When your body goes into cold water, the blood vessels constrict. This causes your blood pressure to rise, which in turn leads to the sensation of needing to pee. Therefore, it can make you feel very uncomfortable if you resist the urge to pee while you are diving. Peeing in your wetsuit can be a huge relief and allow you to enjoy yourself without being distracted by fighting the urge to urinate.

Another positive about peeing in your wetsuit is that it can warm you up for a while. The first time you pee in your wetsuit, you may be surprised at how good this warmth actually feels, and could possibly find yourself trying to shift it throughout your suit.

The convenience of peeing while diving is also a consideration. It’s not common for most dive boats to have bathrooms (unless you’re on a liveaboard or a “party boat”). You don’t want to cut short a dive by having to surface to pee outside of your wetsuit, and that is just one reason why many divers go ahead and pee on the dive.

Hold it now!

When you pee in your wetsuit, it obviously soils it, which can cause quite a stink. Also, peeing in your wetsuit can actually cause damage to the suit. Urine can be especially harmful to the seals on a wetsuit, causing them to age and break down prematurely.

peeing in your wetsuitThe pee in your wetsuit can also be a health hazard, leading to a rash that is very similar to diaper rash if you do it all the time and don’t take measures to clean the suit afterward.

To avoid these consequences, make sure that you thoroughly rinse your wetsuit with fresh water after every diving session, and treat it with a wetsuit shampoo or a product like Sink the Stink fairly regularly to make sure there’s no lingering urine.

Whether you admit to peeing in your wetsuit or not, rest assured you aren’t some disgusting freak that will be named and shamed. But don’t ever think this excuses a number two!

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  1. That is why I bring all of my own dive gear with me. You cannot trust a resort’s equipment… It is worth having tested and true dive gear… The resort’s say it’s safe but I do not trust them all they want is you’re money!

  2. We were actually taught to do this in my OW course back in the ’70’s. Kathy, our instructor, told us it was a great way to warm up quick. On our checkout dives, it was 40 degrees outside and the water was chilly! Peeing in the wetsuit helped a lot. Of course, we also used spit in our masks too.

  3. I avoid it when possible but the fact is 240+ dives and on occasion 5 or 6 in a day on some boats especially on a rough sea day I think you might actually get less urine on you by peeing in the suit rather that trying to get it off in a bathroom that everyone have been peeing all over. At least in the suit its your. Anyway avoid it yes but never, I can’t say that

  4. Well, we all know the old saying. There are two types of diver. Those who admit to peeing in their wetsuits, and liars.
    On a more scientific note, it is a natural physiological response. The body senses the water pressure at depth, and in an attempt to regulate blood pressure, urinating is one of the mechanisms to relief that perceived harm to the body. It’s just the way the body works.

  5. If you dive in the Atlantic or the Great Lakes up here in the Great White North (CANADA) you will Piss in your wet suit trust me.

  6. When my girlfriend & I dive, I just piss her wetsuit instead of mine. We’re all talking about before diving, right? Nevermind, I mean no, I’ve never pissed my wetsuit atleast 4 or 5 times a dive.

  7. Just wanted 2 update everyone. I did a test run & found that the left fin pocket works great as a survival restroom. Left fin/right fin = men’s room/women’s room.

  8. As an instructor you can always tell which instructors or DM’s in the shop pee in their wet suits…. because their wet suits absolutely stink! A lot of people need to wee because they’ve drunk a whole load of water in the last 2 hours to make sure they’re hydrated. However, if you hydrate small amounts very regularly you don’t end up with the same problems of a full bladder before a dive. (NEVER dive dehydrated to avoid peeing)

    If I absolutely have to pee on a dive I’ll go behind a coral head and half take my wetsuit off. (Obviously never with students)

    Anyway, if you resist the urge, immersion diuresis often eases after a few minutes.

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