How To Blow Perfect Bubble Rings Underwater

You’ve probably seen divers create bubble rings when on a safety stop or even seen dolphins effortlessly creating and playing with bubble rings underwater before. After reading this and giving it a try you’ll be blowing underwater bubble rings in no time! It isn’t really as hard as it looks and with a little practice, you’ll find that it’s quite fun and you’ll be showing of your best bubble ring on your next dive trip.

Bubble Rings Underwater

Bubble Rings Step-by-Step Guide

    • You want to make sure you’re alone and there’s no disturbances around you when you start. Especially, if you’re trying this in a swimming pool.
    • Wear a mask. A Scuba mask is preferable as it covers your nose and you won’t get water in it when you tilt your head back. But make sure the mask skirting doesn’t push your lip down and you can form a perfect ‘O’ with your mouth comfortably.
    • Taking a breath of air (a normal breath with a regulator if you are scuba diving), fill your cheeks so they are puffed. You then need to lie down on your back or float horizontally staying still. If you are in a swimming pool, it’s easier to hold on to a ladder to stay down. You may also tilt just your head back so you are looking up at the surface.
    • The best depth to try this at is 2-6 meters (6-20 feet). Any deeper than 6 meters (20 feet) or shallower than 2 meters (6 feet) and it becomes more difficult to do.
    • Start with your mouth closed. You basically want to release a pulse of air about the size and shape of a golf ball, opening your mouth with rounded lips.
    • To get a better idea, attempt saying “PUH” with your cheeks filled with air. Do not do anything with your tongue.
    • Abruptly close your mouth soon after so the air really pops out.
    • Just watch your bubble ring rise to the may not see it immediately but if you are doing it right some will form a small bubble ring when rising.

Diver blowing bubble rings

  • Another method others swear by, is using your tongue. Stick you tongue out of your mouth filled with air. When dispelling the air,  suck your tongue back in your mouth. You are basically pushing air out around your tongue in this method. Watch the instructional video below for more on this method.
  • Keep practicing and you’ll soon get better at making smoother and rounder underwater bubble rings.

CAUTION: Making an underwater bubble ring requires removing your regulator from your mouth. Although unlikely, this has potential for risk, so practice in safe conditions before trying in open water. Aquaviews/LeisurePro assumes no liability in relation to attempting an underwater bubble ring.

*Photo Credits: photos by aa7ae and divemasterking2000 on flickr

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