What is the Best Dive Knife?

If you’ve ever wondered whether or not you need a dive knife for scuba diving—the answer is yes, you definitely do. A dive knife is an essential emergency tool that you can use to free yourself or an entangled marine animal (if you happen to come across one during your dive) from abandoned fishing lines or nets, as well as underwater plants and any ropes or other entanglements that may be encountered when wreck diving. It can also be useful when you need to anchor yourself to the seafloor during a strong current.

Today’s dive knives are multi-functional, which means you get more than just a cutting tool. They can be made of different blade materials, like stainless steel or titanium; have blunt or sharp tips; come with a sheath or in a foldable design; and have other additional features aside from a serrated edge. These are normally lightweight and can be easily strapped to your limbs or tucked into your BCD.

If you’ve decided that you’d rather not dive without a dive knife, let us help you find the best one that fits your needs and budget!

10 Best Dive Knives

scuba diver equipped with dive knife

Below you’ll find the highest-rated, most popular knives that are being used by scuba divers today. If you want to add them to your diving equipment, they are currently available on LeisurePro at very affordable prices.

Cressi Skorpion Knife

LeisurePro Price: $29.95

Cressi Skorpion best dive knif

The Cressi Skorpion is a versatile dive knife that serves multiple functions. It has a partially serrated back edge that’s designed to saw through solid materials, a deep line cutter on the same side that allows you to quickly free yourself from a tangled line, a sharp front edge for slicing through softer materials, and a drop point tip for other emergency needs.

The fixed blade is made of stainless steel that’s corrosion-resistant and easy to sharpen, plus it has an ergonomic Techno-Polymer handle for comfortable use. But perhaps one of the best things about the Skorpion is that it’s unbelievably affordable, making it an attractive choice for a wide range of divers.

Key Specifications:

  • Fixed Knife with Drop Point Tip
  • 4.33-inch Japanese 420-Stainless Steel Blade
  • Straight, Sharp Front Edge
  • Serrated Back Edge with Line Cutter
  • Durable Ergonomically-Designed Techno-Polymer Handle
  • Comes with Durable Impact-Resistant Sheath

Scubapro Mako Titanium Knife

LeisurePro Price: $106

Scubapro Mako Titanium best dive knife

Coming from scuba gear giant Scubapro is this unique and compact dive knife with a durable titanium blade. It comes with a Tanto-style blade with both a sharp and blunt end that’s similar to Japanese swords. The tip is also made of thick metal, so it’s capable of absorbing impact and piercing through tough materials.

The Mako also features a partially-serrated blade on the front edge, a line cutter on the back edge, an eyelet in the middle of the blade for your string attachments, and an anatomical, over-molded plastic handle. It’s definitely a lot pricier, as are most durable titanium dive knives, but its resistance to corrosion makes it ideal for use in saltwater.

Key Specifications:

  • Fixed Knife with Tanto Tip
  • 3.34-inch Hard Titanium Steel Blade
  • Partial Serrated Front Edge with Line Cutter
  • Bottle Opener on Back Edge
  • Blade Eyelet for Lanyard Attachments
  • Durable Over-Molded Plastic Handle
  • Comes with Durable Plastic Sheath

Tusa X-Pert 2 Titanium Knife

LeisurePro Price: $89.95

Tusa X-Pert 2 Titanium best dive knife

The Tusa X-Pert 2 dive knife is an affordable all-arounder. It has a serrated back edge with an efficient line cutter and a very sharp front cutting edge that curves up to a drop point tip. The knife’s rubber ergonomic tip is also among the most comfortable ones on this list.

The high-quality, full-sized titanium alloy blade is extremely lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and durable, which makes it harder to sharpen but capable of keeping its shape for a long time compared to other cheap alloys. And in case you’re also going spearfishing, the Tusa X-Pert 2 makes a great backup knife.

Key Specifications:

  • Fixed Knife with Drop Point Tip
  • 4.5-inch Corrosion-Resistant Titanium Alloy Blade
  • Straight, Sharp Front Edge
  • Serrated Back Edge with Line Cutter
  • Ergonomic Rubber and Plastic Handle
  • Comes with High-Quality Plastic Sheath

Aqua Lung Squeeze Lock Knife

LeisurePro Price: $49.95

Aqua Lung Squeeze Lock best dive knife

Known for its sheath lock mechanism, the compact Aqua Lung Squeeze dive knife features a cool handle with side tabs that you simply squeeze when you’re ready to take it out of the plastic holder. The blade itself is only three inches long and made of 304 Series stainless steel.

With a sharp and straight edge on one side, a long serrated edge with a line cutter on the other, and a blunt tip, you can definitely do a lot with this dive knife, including prying things open more easily. It’s definitely a steal at below $50 and is one of the best compact dive knives on the market today

Key Specifications:

  • Fixed Knife with Blunt Tip
  • 3-inch 304 Series Stainless Steel Blade
  • Straight, Sharp Front Edge
  • Serrated Back Edge with Line Cutter
  • Plastic Positive Grip Handle
  • Comes with Plastic Sheath with Squeeze Lock Design

Cressi Orca Knife

LeisurePro Price: $59.95

Cressi Orca best dive knife

Designed as a work tool, the Cressi Orca is larger and heavier than any other scuba diving knife on this list. Its special steel blade measures seven inches long and allows you to do the required work more comfortably. It has small teeth serrations and a line cutter along the back edge, a straight and sharp front edge, and a drop point tip.

The anatomical Techno-Polymer handle comes with a soft, non-slip grip. Right above it is a stainless steel hilt to protect your fingers and at the base of it is a chrome-padded knob that can serve as a mallet. The durable plastic sheath has holes for the straps and two more at the end of the blade for your lanyard.

Key Specifications:

  • Fixed Knife with Drop Point Tip
  • 7-inch Large Specialized Steel Blade
  • Straight, Sharp Front Edge
  • Partial Serrated Back Edge with Line Cutter
  • Anatomical Techno-Polymer Handle
  • Durable Plastic Sheath

Atomic Ti6 Titanium Knife

LeisurePro Price: $129.95

Atomic Ti6 Titanium best dive knife

The Atomic Ti6 is a titanium dive knife that features a full tang blade, which means the blade extends up to the grip of the handle to create a sturdy, solid piece of weapon. Despite this, the knife is still very lightweight and comfortable to handle, thanks to the ergonomic molded plastic grip.

The curved titanium blade is corrosion-resistant, plus it features a partially serrated back edge and a smooth, sharp front edge with a line cutter. The knife also has a hole in the handle for your wrist lanyard and comes with a molded plastic positive locking sheath with a push-button release for security.

Key Specifications:

  • Fixed Knife with Drop Point Tip
  • 4-inch Curved Corrosion-Resistant Titanium Steel Blade
  • Straight, Sharp Front Cutting Edge with Line Cutter
  • Partial Serrated Back Edge
  • Handle Eyelet for Lanyard Attachments
  • Ergonomic Molded Plastic Handle Grip
  • Molded Plastic Positive Locking Sheath

Mares Force Bat Titanium Knife

LeisurePro Price: $94.95

Mares Force Bat Titanium best dive knife

The Mares Force Bat Titanium knife is actually the only product on this list that doesn’t have a sheath. Instead, it makes use of its folding functionality to safely hide the short 3.5-inch blade inside the durable plastic handle.

On the beta titanium steel blade, you’ll find a partially serrated and smooth front edge, as well as a drop point tip. The knife also already comes with a quick-release buckle and stainless steel split ring for quick and convenient attachment to your BCD.

Key Specifications:

  • Foldable Knife with Drop Point Tip
  • 3.5-inch Ultra-Hard Beta Titanium Steel Blade
  • Single Side Partial Straight and Serrated Edge
  • Durable Plastic Handle
  • With Quick-Release Buckle and Stainless Steel Split Ring

Underwater Kinetics Blue-Tang Titanium Knife

LeisurePro Price: $99.95

Underwater Kinetics Blue-Tang Titanium best dive knife

The UK Blue Tang is a good dive knife made of affordable titanium. The 5-inch blade features a serrated back edge, a smooth front edge with a line cutter, and a blunt tip at the end, One cool feature is that the handle can be easily dismounted, plus its ergonomic grip features a thumb guard so it fits comfortably in your hand.

Users say the sheath can be tricky to unlock when you’re wearing thick gloves and you may need two passes to cut through heavy plastic but, nonetheless, it’s a great choice if you’re looking for an affordable 5-inch titanium knife.

Key Specifications:

  • Fixed Knife with Blunt Tip
  • 5-inch Corrosion-Resistant Solid Titanium Steel Blade
  • Straight, Sharp Front Edge with Line Cutter
  • Partial Serrated Back Edge
  • Rubber Ergonomic Handle with Thumb Guard
  • Comes with Quick Release Sheath

Cressi Alligator Scissor Knife

LeisurePro Price: $52.95

Cressi Alligator Scissor best dive knife

The Cressi Alligator is perhaps one of the coolest multi-purpose dive knives ever developed. It’s a scissor-slash-knife made of 420-stainless steel, so you have the option to cut through more difficult materials. In most cases though, you may not need it as the knife already has a serrated back edge, a straight sharp edge, and a line cutter.

The handle is thick, robust, and ergonomically designed to allow a firm grip, whether you’re using it as a knife or scissors. This versatile tool is only around six inches long in total and can easily be stored or attached to your BCD via the loop and attached ring at the end of the handle.

Key Specifications:

  • Fixed Scissor Knife with Drop Point Tip
  • 3.15-inch 420-Stainless Steel Blade
  • Curved, Sharp Front Edge
  • Serrated Back Edge
  • Durable, Ergonomic Handle
  • Comes with Dedicated Hose-Mount Sheath

Aqua Lung Argonaut Titanium Knife

LeisurePro Price: $199

Aqua Lung Argonaut Titanium best dive knife

Last but not least is the Aqua Lung Argonaut, which is designed to be the brand’s best and toughest. It features a full tang blade and the model comes in either a drop point or blunt style. Both styles feature die-cut serrations on one side and a smooth, sharp edge on the other, but half of the serrations on the drop point style partly follows the rounded cut of the spear-shaped blade.

The titanium handle is carefully wrapped for an enhanced grip and also features hilts on both sides before the blade to protect the fingers. The included sheath is also made of thermoformed aircraft-grade Kydex, adding to the overall value of this high-quality dive knife.

Key Specifications:

  • Fixed Knife with Drop Point or Blunt Tip
  • 4.88-inch Rust-Resistant Titanium Blade with EDP Coating
  • Straight and Serrated Edges
  • EDP-Coated and Paracord-Wrapped Titanium Handle
  • Thermoformed Aircraft-Grade Kydex Sheath

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