Underwater Signaling Devices

If you’re a scuba diver, you know that it can be challenging to communicate with other divers underwater. Aside from needing to get your messages across to other divers through scuba hand signals and underwater writing devices, you’ll also need to get their attention when they’re distracted by something.

Getting your dive buddy’s attention when he’s focused on something else is also very important when you’re faced with an emergency situation. Let’s say you’re running low on tank air and need to surface but your buddy is busy observing a family of clownfish in a nearby anemone.

Over the years, divers have invented several ingenious methods to signal their buddies using simple homemade sound makers, which range from metal spoons in the form of a rattler, to sophisticated electronic beeping devices.

To make the most out of your dives and avoid potentially life-threatening situations, consider adding any of these popular and efficient underwater signaling devices to your essential scuba diving gear list.

Best Underwater Signaling Devices

”Acou-Stick” Underwater Noise Maker

This fluorescent-green colored rattling device uses patented technology to get your dive buddy’s attention quickly and easily. Unlike other rattling devices, the Acou-Stick Professional Underwater Communicator stays silent while swimming and when stowed in dive gear or luggage. It only works when you want it to. The device is neutrally buoyant, compact (at only 15.24 cm in length), and can be heard up to 100 feet away when shaken. Most importantly, it requires no batteries or maintenance and is virtually indestructible.

H2YO Underwater Noisemaker Rattle

H2YO Underwater Noisemaker Rattle underwater signaling devices

ReefNet’s new H2YO Underwater Noisemaker Rattle is a shaker that emits a loud rattle that can be heard at great distances underwater. According to the manufacturer, the shaker also emits a unique and easily identifiable sound pattern. This becomes very useful when you need to associate your dive buddy with a distinct noise pattern. The device itself is available in several highly visible fluorescent colors and is very compact in size.

Aqua Tank Banger

Aqua Tank Banger underwater signaling devices

The Aqua Tank Banger is the simplest and most reliable attention-getter for scuba diving, despite consisting only of a surgical rubber tube with a plastic ball attached to it. Just stretch it over the base of your scuba cylinder and you’re ready to go. If you need to get someone’s attention underwater, simply pull the ball away from your cylinder and let go to create a loud sound.

This scuba noise maker is made of corrosion-free plastic and surgical rubber tubing, and is also useable by both left and right-handed divers.

Scuba Sonics Aqua Maraca

Scuba Sonics Aqua Maraca underwater signaling devices

The Aqua Maraca is small and compact, yet acoustically engineered to be audible over 30 feet (more than 9 meters) away. It is designed by divers using computer design techniques and extensive testing, so it effectively improves basic underwater communication between two or more divers. Simply keep it in your BCD pocket or tie it to your equipment using the slide lock lanyard for easy access. It’s also available in different colors.

XS Scuba Rattle Stick with Clip

XS Scuba Rattle Stick with Clip underwater signaling devices

The Scuba Rattle Stick is a fantastic underwater signal device that’s not only efficient, but is affordable and compact as well. Measuring only 5.5 inches in length, it’s made of non-corrosive metal with a built-in clip at the end, so it doesn’t accidentally detach when pulled strongly with a cord. Shake it and the device makes a nice, loud sound, even underwater. Put the cap on to keep it from making a sound when not in use. It’s widely used by scuba guides and dive masters for getting their buddies’ attention during missions and recreational dives.

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