Sealife SL330 Mini II Digital Underwater Camera

For over 25 years now Pinoneer Research has been developing the SeaLife Camera brand, coming out with top quality underwater camera’s that are custom tailored for the recreational scuba diver and water sports enthusiast. From top of the line underwater digital photography rigs to the simple point and shoot camera and housing, SeaLife has an incredible lineup that will suit every type of photographer. The latest camera to be launched from SeaLife this March is the compact digital Sealife SL330 Mini II Digital Underwater Camera.

The Sealife SL330 Mini II Digital Underwater Camera is a rugged and incredibly compact, pocket-sized point and shoot underwater camera. Waterproof and pressure tested up to a depth of 130ft (40m) the SL330 is also shockproof when dropped from a height of 6ft (2m) which means if you accidentally drop your SL330, the chance are that it’ll still be ok. This is a great camera to have during watersports activities like jet skiing, surfing or any other intense waterports activity where your camera usually is in danger of getting bumped around.

When inspected for the first  time, the thing that grabs your attention when you look at the SL330 Mini II is how compact the camera is for an underwater camera, which is vry unlike the bulky camera housing combos you normally see; and also grabbing your eye is the sleek fully rubber-armored body that the camera is encased in assures you of the ruggedness the manufacturers promise.

Since you don’t want to be left fumbling around with your camera settings when snorkeling or Scuba Diving, the simple and well laid buttons on the SL330 Mini II give you just that. Large, wide-spread controls for easy operation and no complicated menus. The Easy Setup on-screen guide ensures the camera is set correctly for great pictures on land or underwater. With SeaLife’s renowned custom underwater shooting modes, you’ll have no more blue pictures by using the Dive and Snorkel modes that now have an underwater color booster.

The SL330 uses a 9.0 Megapixel CMOS Sensor allowing for images of 3472×2604 in resolution, has an instant focus lens that focuses from 2ft to infinity. The LCD display on the camera is a large 2.4″ TFT Color LCD which is good for reviewing your pictures easily and composing those tricky shots underwater. The SL330 is also compatible with external strobes so can be easily paired with the SeaLife Digital Pro Flash for even better results.

Overall the Sealife SL330 Mini II is a rugged, fully featured underwater digital camera that wins hands down on price to quality and features. This camera is made for SCUBA divers, snorkelers, boaters, hikers, paddlers and any fun-seeking adventurer looking to capture that moment without the worry.


Waterproof to 130ft / 40m

Shockproof 6ft / 2m

Fully Rubber-Armored

Large, wide spread 3-button operation for easy operation

Easy Set-up mode 1-2-3 graphic on-screen guide for setting camera mode – no complicated menus.

-Land Auto mode for action land pictures and videos in extreme conditions

-Dive mode for underwater exposure control and color correction – no more blue pictures

-Snorkel mode for underwater exposure control and color correction – no more blue pictures

-Ext Flash mode for integration with external flash to enhance color and brightness underwater.

Video mode at 30fps with Sound

Soft Rubber grip design for sure grip.

Spy Mode – The camera automatically shoots continuous pictures at set time intervals.

Compact, Slim design (pocket size)

2x AAA batteries Alkaline(included), NiMH rechargeable or Energizer Ultimate lithium batteries.

Self-contained dive camera (no housing)

9 megapixels for sharp, high-resolution pictures.

Large 2.4″ TFT Color LCD for easy on-camera viewing

Instant focus lens from 2 ft to infinity

SD and SDHC card compatible (8GB recommended).


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