Sealife Moisture Muncher Silica Gel Drying Capsules

Any diver that is in to underwater photography and has used a camera with a casing will tell you that no matter how hard you try to ensure the inside of your camera casing is bone dry, there is always a big chance that it isn’t.  Water droplets and moisture have this annoying way of turning up no matter how careful you are when you open your camera housing. Sometimes it’s water that was on the o-ring, or on the outsides of the casing that gets inside, other times its simply the moisture laden air that causes the water to get inside.

SeaLife Moisture Muncher 1 Oz. Packs (Set of 3)

Moisture buildup inside a camera housing can be a frustrating problem, especially when the moisture condenses on the insides of your housing fogging up the lens or making the viewfinder display hard to view.  This can cause your photographs to come out blurry, and in more severe cases, can even cause your camera to malfunction or corrode.

One simple yet highly effective solution to keeping your housing condensation free is to use silica gel sachets or capsules which are desiccants that absorb moisture in the crystals. A desiccant is a hygroscopic substance that absorbs moisture in its local vicinity and retains the moisture.

The Moisture Muncher Silica Gel Drying Capsules from SeaLife are perhaps one of the best ways to solve the fogging problem in your underwater camera case. The capsules absorb moisture to prevent fogging and corrosion of your underwater camera. Each capsule contains 1 gram of color-indicating crystals and the moisture absorbing silica gel. When crystals turn from blue to pink, it’s time to replace the capsule. The capsules easily fit inside any  standard camera housing.

The Moisture Muncher is the best form of insurance for your expensive underwater photography equipment. Just a single capsule in your housing and another in your strobe should keep good for several dives. You’ll know when to change out the capsule as it will change color, and each pack of the Moisture Muncher contains ten 1-gram capsules, so a single pack should last you through your entire dive trip. Don’t take your underwater camera or strobe below water without one of these.


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