Scubapro Twin Jet Open Heel Split Fins Product Review

Scubapro Twin Jet Open Heel Split Fins Product Review

Those who’ve been diving for a while now have surely come across the Scubapro Twin Jet Open Heel Split Fins. Not only are they manufactured by one of the biggest providers of scuba diving equipment, but they also bear the unique patented split fin propeller technology, which provides maximum propulsion with minimal effort underwater.

These uniquely designed Scubapro Twin Jet fins are currently on sale at Leisure Pro, so you may want to check out their main features and discover how they can enhance your dives while avoiding cramped leg muscles and sprained ankles.

What We Love About the Scubapro Twin Jet Open Heel Split Fins

Scubapro Twin Jet Open Heel Split Fins Scubapro Jet Fins

Patented Split Fin Design

The revolutionary patented design of the Scubapro Twin Jet Open Heel Split Fins was inspired by the dynamic propulsion of real-life marine creatures (these fins’ unique split-hydrofoil shape was inspired by the actual tail fin of a humpback whale). The blades’ shape and angle provide symmetrical power to help you create smoother, more stable kicks without wearing you out or causing drag. At the same time, it allows you to move more quickly and effortlessly while swimming at great depths, despite the long blade lengthall without sacrificing control.

Versatile & Comfortable

As a scuba diving fin, the Scubapro Twin Jet is open-heeled (as opposed to full-foot). This critical feature, along with wider foot pockets, offers a more customizable fit for those wearing diving boots for added thermal protection when diving in colder, deeper waters. Not many realize this but having strapped fins gives you the chance to readjust the fit once your boots start to compress at greater depths.

The fins’ straps come with quick-connect swivel buckles, which makes donning and doffing easier, though you can also take advantage of the optional spring heel straps. Sure, they still take a few seconds longer to slip on compared to full-foot fins, but the Scubapro Twin Jet open-heeled fins sure feel a lot more comfortable than many other models on the market. (They do offer a full-foot version for warm water diving.)

Color & Buoyancy Options

Scubapro clearly had different types of divers in mind when they designed the Twin Jet Fins line. You’ll find that the fins come in multiple color options—black, blue, gray, and yellow—but it’s also important to note that the different colors signify differences in buoyancy.

The black fins are their best offering, in our opinion, as they are negatively buoyant and provide  a more traditional fining experience with its rigid blades. But if you’re looking for more flexible blades and don’t mind having slightly positively buoyant fins, you can freely choose between the blue, gray, and yellow variants.

Product Features:

  • Monprene® Construction
  • Patented Split-Fin Propeller Technology
  • Extra-Wide Foot Pocket
  • Extended Soleplate
  • Drag-Reducing Vents
  • Quick-Connect Swivel Buckles
  • Compatible with Spring Heel Straps

Key Benefits:

  • Powerful Propulsion with Minimal Effort
  • Smooth and Stable Kicks
  • Preserves Energy
  • Reduces Drag
  • Fits Scuba Boots
  • Easy Donning and Doffing
  • Highly durable and Will Last a Lifetime

Customer Reviews

Here’s what users have to say about the ScubaPro Twin Jet Open Heel Split Fins:

“Great fins let me swim more efficiently. My calfs [sic] are not sore the day after diving as would sometimes happen with my other fins. I am more efficient with my air swimming with these fins so I have longer dive times!”

“Very happy with these fins. They produce great acceleration with little effort.”

“The best fins I have owned in a long time. Great for travel and very easy on the legs.”

“I was turned on to these by my dive instructor who is also a State Police Rescue Diver. They provide excellent thrust through the water and are extremely comfortable. I couldn’t be happier with these fins.”

“These are great fins, very nice fit! I let a buddy try them out last weekend and now he wants a pair.”

“These are my go-to fins. I own 2 other pair [sic] of really good fins. But on the deeper, techy dives, these are the ones I pick.”

“Truly amazing fins! Better than all I tried so far. I swim faster and use twice less strength than with my old hard blade fins. Very very easy to swim with, very efficient. The original straps break down fast, I replaced those with the steel spring ones you can find on this site – perfect. Excellent choice, a definite recommendation.”

Check out this page for more customer reviews.

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