Scuba Equipment Spares and Save-A-Dive Kits

Although scuba diving equipment is designed and tested to withstand a lot, they still may sometimes malfunction, leaving the diver having to abort the dive and possibly miss out of the day’s diving if there are no spares at hand. Most common Scuba equipment failures result due to poor maintenance,  or excessive wear and tear caused by exposure and oxidization to seawater, chlorine , excessive sunlight, sand or silt etc.

It is recommended that a diver always carry a basic scuba equipment spares kit along on any dive trip that contains a few commonly needed spare parts that will enable you to continue your dive and enjoy your trip in the event that you face a simple equipment failure.  This spares Kit need not contain everything, but just a few selected spares mostly rubber or plastic parts that commonly fail :

Mask Strap

The mask strap is perhaps one of the most fragile items prone to failure, since it is stretched constantly and exposed to harsh sunlight, salts, sand and may over-time lose its elasticity and break.  Sometimes the elasticity of the rubber/silicone strap may loosen causing a leaky mask during the dive which is annoying. Carrying an extra Mask Strap as a replacement spare is always a great idea.

featured above is a Replaceable Mask Strap available at

Fin Straps

A broken heel strap on a fin, occurring during a dive, can be a real inconvenience and a difficult swim back to the boat. Fin heel straps like mask straps are also thin pieces of rubber that are subject to a great deal of wear and stretching, and hence it makes sense to carry an extra pair if you use open heel fins.

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A Regulator Mouthpiece

Regulator mouthpieces may sometimes fall off, or break due to wear and tear while diving and having a spare mouthpiece that will fit most regulators will fit comfortably in your mouth minimizing jaw fatigue is essential.

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These tiny rubber rings are a must have in any diver’s spares kit. Found in a variety of scuba diving equipment O-rings are needed for regulators, U/W lights, as well as tank valves, and may often break due to pressure and wear & tear. Always carry a variety of spare O-rings especially for standard tank valves.

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Princeton Tec  Save-A-Dive Kit

The Princeton Tec Save-A-Dive Kit available at  is a must have scuba diving equipment spares kit that contains only the most basic and essential spares most of them outlined above, that could save you dive. This handy waterproof tube contains a Mask Strap, Fin Strap, Snorkel Keeper, Silicone Mouthpiece, Tie Wrap, and O Rings. The Fin Strap is heavy duty yet, can be adjusted with ease even with gloves on. The Mask Strap which is a split strap design can be used with all masks. A Snorkel Keeper that is extra thick for durability and will fit most snorkels available today. The Mouthpiece provided in the kit will fit most regulators and is standard size. All this and more comes packaged in this handy Save-A-Dive waterproof container.

Featured above is the Princeton Tec Save-A-Dive Kit available at

There is nothing worse than missing out on the days dives because a two- four dollar part broke down, everyone should have one of these kits in their scuba gear bags.

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