6 Best Scuba Diving Gear Packages

6 Best Scuba Diving Gear Packages

Tired of renting your scuba diving gear? If you’re getting serious about this exciting and exhilarating hobby, it may be time to get your own equipment. But with all the brands and models available on the market, it can be quite overwhelming to choose which products to get to complete your first scuba diving rig.

Fortunately, there are scuba gear packages that can help take the guesswork out of gear shopping—plus you’ll save more money than if you’d bought your equipment piecemeal.

You can find some of the best scuba diving gear packages below, but note that they don’t include other essentials, like the scuba mask, snorkel, fins, wetsuit or dry suit, and other scuba accessories. You can easily purchase these separately according to your taste and preference—or get them from your dive operator, in the case of gas tanks and weights.

Best Scuba Gear Packages

four sets of scuba diving gear on a boat

As you discover each scuba package from world-famous brands of diving gear below, you’ll realize that there’s no one-size-fits-all package that’ll work for everybody. Each will offer its own specific type and model of BCD, first-stage regulator, octi, and computer to make them more attractive to certain divers. Therefore, it’s important that you read through their inclusions and individual product descriptions.

With this short list of scuba diving gear packages, we hope you find one that will suit your needs and preferences.

Cressi R1 Leonardo Package

LeisurePro Price: $839.95

Cressi R1 Leonardo best scuba diving gear packages

We start off the list with an affordable, high-quality scuba gear package from a reputable manufacturer of underwater diving equipment. At the heart of this gear set is the Cressi R1 BCD, which is made of premium materials and has a tough, rigid back that ensures optimum performance and many years of use. The BCD also features integrated movable weight pockets that eliminate the need to carry your weights on a separate weight belt.

You also get an exceptionally dependable and ultra-lightweight first-stage and second-stage regulator—Cressi’s very own XS Compact AC2 with a non-balanced flow-by-piston that’s ideal for a beginner diver and the XS Compact Octopus that’s made of durable, non-corrosive materials.

To round up this scuba package, you get the user-friendly Cressi Leonardo dive computer with a single button interface and a free, exclusive red Leisure Pro Team t-shirt.

Package Inclusions:

Mares Package #1 (Prime)

LeisurePro Price: $614.95

Mares Prime Package best scuba diving gear packages

Another world-famous brand in the world of underwater diving is Mares, and their Prime scuba gear package is definitely something you’ll want to consider if you want tried-and-tested gear at a reasonable price. The bundle centers around the comfortable and stylish Mares Prime BCD, which features an MRS Plus Mechanical Release System for easy weight management. It also offers space specifically for your octopus regulator and gauges, as well as three sturdy D-rings for your accessory attachments.

The brand includes its very own Rover 25 regulator, which features a lightweight, compact, and sturdy non-balanced first-stage piston design and a Dynamic Flow Control (DFC) system. This is complemented by the abrasion-resistant Mares MV Octopus, which ensures convenient dives with its compact shape and easy breathing at any depth.

Also included in the package is the ergonomically designed Genesis 2 Gauge Compact Console with easy-to-understand imperial measurements, colored graphics, and a luminescent face. Leisure Pro has also thrown in an exclusive team t-shirt made of 100% cotton as a freebie.

Package Inclusions:

Cressi START-ER Package

LeisurePro Price: $599.95

Cressi START-ER best scuba diving gear packages

If you’re on a budget, this scuba dive gear package by Cressi might be the one for you. The Italian brand offers the START-ER bundle, which includes a scuba BCD, gauge console, and regulator. It covers pretty much everything you need for a comfortable dive, like the durable Cressi Start Pro BCD that’s made of high-quality nylon and larger versions of the Cressi XS2/AC2 Piston Regulator and Cressi XS Octopus.

The included XS2/AC2 Piston Regulator and XS Octopus ensure durability and dependability and are made of marine-grade chromed brass and durable non-corrosive hi-tech polymers. They feature a non-balanced flow-by piston design (1st stage) and a dependable downstream demand valve mechanism and Venturi dive/pre-dive sensitivity switch (2nd stage).

Cressi includes the super compact and lightweight Mini 2 Gauge Console with a large, easy-to-read scale and a shock- and scratch-resistant housing. The package also comes with a dedicated LeisurePro Regulator Bag.

Package Inclusions:

Mares Package #2 (Prestige)

LeisurePro Price: $974.95

Mares Prestige best scuba diving gear packages

Moving on to scuba dive gear packages near the $1000 price point, we have the Mares Package #2 on LeisurePro. This one stars Mares Prestige items, the first being the Prestige BCD with the brand’s patented MRS Plus Weight Pockets for more convenient weight management.

The package also includes the chrome-plated marine brass Prestige 15X Regulator with a balanced, environmentally sealed diaphragm design that keeps dirt or salt water from damaging its working parts and enables it to withstand very cold ocean water without freezing open. Matching it is the mid-size Prestige Octopus, which promotes natural and effortless breathing even at great depths.

Another inclusion is the Mares Mission Puck 2 Computer Console. It features a digital top gauge, offers both metric and imperial display, supports the use of Enriched Air Nitrox or EAN (among others), and can adapt to the skill level of the diver by allowing individualized conservative dive profiles for beginners and young divers.

You also get a red Leisure Pro Team T-shirt and a cool Dive Into Our Site bag with extra cushions inside to separately protect your regulator, gauges, and more.

Package Inclusions:

TUSA Soverin Alpha Analog Package

LeisurePro Price: $989.95

TUSA Soverin Alpha Analog best scuba diving gear packages

International underwater equipment manufacturer TUSA encourages you to dive safely with this complete underwater life support system. Both beginners and seasoned divers will love the included jacket-style Soverin Alpha BC with its 3rd Generation Advanced Weight Loading System (AWLS III), which allows for easy weight management and distribution to the shoulder area (as opposed to feeling weighted down by a belt).

The TUSA dive package also includes their RS-1001-BK regulator, which has a balanced diaphragm system and two high-flow low-pressure ports to optimize its performance with the SS-0001 Safe-Second Octopus, allowing the smoothest air delivery for easier, more comfortable breathing at depth.

Also included is TUSA’s newly-designed Element 3 Gauge Computer Console that features a single button puck-style digital computer top and an easy-to-read pressure gauge with color-coded pressure readouts. The computer also has a deep stop function that is activated when the diver exceeds 80 feet (24 meters) underwater for longer than a second.

Easily pack your computer and scuba regulator package—or your watersports equipment—into the spacious and versatile TUSA Mesh Duffel Bag with roller wheels, and you’re ready for your next adventure.

Package Inclusions:

Zeagle F8 Scuba Gear Package

LeisurePro Price: $1,407.90

Zeagle F8 best scuba diving gear packages

Zeagle is another brand that you may be familiar with. If you are, you may understand the steeper price point. First off, its included Zeagle Halo BCD is a high-class, fully-featured dive vest that is carefully constructed with a strong mix of fabrics and radio frequency (RF) welded seams for maximum durability and functionality.

Not only that, it is also the world’s first and only jacket-style BCD that uses the patented Ripcord System® for easy and reliable weight management and the Personal Fit System (PFS) in the shoulders for enhanced versatility and comfort. It even has two large pockets and up to seven stainless steel D-rings to accommodate a wide range of accessories and attachments.

As expected, the high-quality BCD has premium-quality regulators to go with it. Instead of an affordable and simple piston regulator, the bundle includes the sleek black Zeagle Z8 Yoke Regulator with a balanced diaphragm design that makes it ideal for cold water diving. The Zeagle F8 Octopus complements the first stage with enhanced breathing comfort (thanks to its new inhalation diaphragm design and improved exhaust valve) and durability, thanks to its impact-resistant build.

Package Inclusions:

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