5 Must-Have BCD Clip-On Scuba Diving Accessories

We all have our favorite must-have scuba diving accessories that we love to bring with us on every dive. In fact, it’s not uncommon for a diver to run out of clips and pocket space. After all, we all have our own personal list of essentials, plus the jury’s still out as to how much scuba gear is really necessary when diving.

No matter what kind of diver you are, there are a few specific types of BCD accessories that you need to have with you. And by with you, we mean attached to your BCD (buoyancy compensator) at all times for easy access, in case of emergencies. You’ll find five of these must-haves listed below.

Essential BCD Clip-On Scuba Diving Accessories

female scuba diver posing with a surface marker buoy

A piece of advice commonly given to new divers is to not have BCD accessories that can tangle, obstruct, or increase drag while underwater. It’s not a strict rule, and even professional divers will have a couple of accessories attached to them during each dive. Perhaps the key to safe accessorizing is to keep your items small, compact, and easy to clip-on (and off).

If you’re one who believes that having BCD accessories could mean the difference between safety and exposing yourself to risks underwater, then consider adding these clip-ons to your BCD in time for your next adventure.

Storm Whistle


Storm Whistle Clip-On Scuba Diving Accessories

A good quality emergency whistle (also known as a storm whistle or dive whistle) is a standard clip-on attachment to our ideal BCD setup. You can grab the attention of your boat or rescuers with the clear and audible alarm emitted by a storm whistle. This type of whistle is designed for use in all weather conditions, as well as underwater. Aside from being affordable, a storm whistle also takes up very little room in your BCD.

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Pointer Stick with Rattle

Pointer Stick with Rattle Clip-On Scuba Diving Accessories

These handy anti-corrosive steel pointer rods are multi-purpose, making them the Swiss Army knife of the scuba world. Aside from pointing out marine life, the pointer stick has a rattle attached to the handle so that it can be used as a tank banger to get the attention of your buddies, eliminating the need to carry a separate noise maker or rattle. But that’s not all—the stick can also be used to minimize your contact with coral and the need to touch things with your hands.

Bonus Fact: Metal sticks have been known to repel sharks and other fish as direct contact can reportedly disrupt their magnetic senses.

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Torch/Dive Light

Bigblue AL1200NPT-II Clip-On Scuba Diving Accessories

Even when not night diving, a secondary or compact dive light is a must on our list of BCD clip-on gear. Whether you’re peering under a rock to spot shrimp or lobster, or grabbing the attention of your buddy underwater or boatman on the surface, the dive light is another multi-purpose must-have dive accessory.

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Line Cutter/Dive Knife

Scuba Max Stainless Steel Dive Knife Clip-On Scuba Diving Accessories

A line cutter, or small dive knife equipped with a line cutter, is another safety item that makes our BCD clip-on list. A dive knife is not a weapon but more of a general tool and safety device. It can substitute for a tank banger and be very useful to have on shore in case you get caught in a fishing line underwater.

Bonus Tip: Don’t get a BCD knife that doesn’t have a line cutter included in its design.

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Surface Marker Buoy (SMB)

Blue Reef Deluxe 6 feet SMB Clip-On Scuba Diving Accessories


We believe the “safety sausage” or SMB is the quintessential piece of safety equipment that every diver should have, especially in open water boat dives where waves, currents, and conditions can make it difficult for the boat to spot a surfaced diver. While some prefer to have this clipped on to their BCD, where it is easily accessible, others prefer to have this often larger item tucked away inside their BCD pockets. Either way, it is the one item you should never dive without.

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