Enjoy Live Jellies at Home with the Jellyfish Cylinder Nano!

Enjoy Live Jellies at Home with the Jellyfish Cylinder Nano!

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Jellyfish are some of the ocean’s more fascinating creatures, somehow managing to thrive without brains or central nervous systems for at least 500 million years. While some have the ability to kill multiple humans with a single drop of their venom, most species of jellyfish are harmless to humans and serve as an important prey species for sea turtles, tuna, sharks, swordfish, and even other jellyfish.

jellyfish cylinder nanoThe way they move rather passively through the water column, bells pulsing slightly for propulsion, delicate tentacles trailing behind, has fascinated mankind for as long as we’ve been able to plunge beneath the surface of the sea.

This, coupled with their relative abundance in the world’s oceans — and overabundance in parts of some — led to the creation of the Jellyfish Cylinder Nano.

Product Development

Noticing how much people loved to look at the jellyfish tanks in aquariums, the team at Jellyfish Art began to research how jellyfish are kept in captivity. They learned that a specific type of water flow is necessary to mimic the natural currents of the ocean, and circular tanks are necessary to keep the specimens from being trapped in any corners. With this knowledge, the team began developing the Jellyfish Cylinder Nano for home use.

Jellyfish Art successfully crowdfunded the aquarium on Kickstarter, where more than 2,300 backers pledged¬†just under $600,000 for a Jellyfish Cylinder Nano of their own. Every part of the setup and care process is explained on their Help Center page and in short, easy to understand videos, so you won’t be left holding an indecipherable gadget.

Committed to Conservation

As to ethical concerns, Jellyfish Art has built a sustainable breeding facility in Florida that received the highest inspection rating from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Department of Aquaculture, staffed by marine biologists to ensure the best care. You can even schedule a tour of the facility to see how everything is managed.

Jellyfish Art works closely with the Coral Restoration Foundation to transplant threatened staghorn corals to healthy reefs, and even started their own program called the Jellyfish Art Education Initiative in which they supply teachers with aquariums, offer classroom presentations, and conduct field trips with a marine biology theme to teach students about marine conservation.

jellyfish cylinder nanoYou can purchase your own Jellyfish Cylinder Nano complete kit directly from the Jellyfish Art website, which includes the tank, LED color-changing light with remote, air pump, food, chemicals, and three moon jellies to get you started. Go check it out and achieve your dream of having a pet jellyfish today!

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