Free Diving Haven- The Dean’s Blue Hole, Bahamas

The second deepest Blue Hole in the World, Dean’s Blue Hole in Long Island, Bahama’s is easily one of the most popular free diving sites in the World.

Deans Blue Hole, an underwater sinkhole, is located just off the coast, 1km from Clarence town, on the north (Atlantic) side of Long Island Bahamas and can be seen in all it’s splendor from the cliffs above. It’s vibrant deep blue color in stark contrast to the shallow turquoise lagoon and white sand beach it’s set in makes it all the more picturesque. The Dean’s Blue Hole starts at a depth of 6 (18´) meters and plunges down 202 meters (663 ft) to the ocean floor with walls dropping vertically all-around. Roughly circular at the surface, with a diameter ranging from 25 to 35 meters (82–110 ft), after descending 20 meters (66 ft) or so, the hole widens considerably into a cavern with a diameter of 100 meters (330 ft).

Not as popular for Scuba Diving as other Blue Holes such as the Belize Blue Hole or Dahab Blue Hole, this site is best known for Free Diving. In fact, some even claim Dean’s Blue Hole is “The Best” spot for free diving and has been the spot for numerous competitions as well as World and National free-diving records in the last few years.

In April 2007, William Trubridge broke a free-diving world record in the blue hole reaching a depth of 84 meters (276 ft) without the use of fins and later beat his own record by reaching 86 meters (282 ft). In April 2008, during the Vertical Blue 2008 free-diving competition, a total of 25 national records and 5 world records were broken. Herbert Nitsch set a new Free Immersion (FIM) record with a depth of 120 meters (394 ft) in a dive time of 4min 28s, on April 25, 2010 at the Dean’s Blue Hole.

There isn’t any coral or much marine life inside the hole itself apart from the occasional stray shark, but the noon day sun that shines straight down into the hole, make a setting at this site something you just have to dive and see for yourself!

Top 5 Blue Holes:
1. Tamaulipas, Mexico’s Zacatón – 335 meters (1,100 ft).
2. Dean’s Blue Hole, Long Island Bahamas – 202 meters (663 ft).
3. Dahab Blue Hole, Egypt- 130 meters (426 ft).
4. Great Blue Hole, Belize – 123 meters (400 ft).
5. The Blue Hole, Gozo – 60 meters (200 ft).

* Image sources:, Wikipedia commons (Frederic Buyle).


  1. There is no doubt that these are some spectacular and daunting views from underwater. How do free diving fans get to see the action and suspense that the free divers themselves are seeing while competing? Do they mount Go Pro extreme sports cams or some other diving camera on the divers? Anyway, to go that deep without scuba fins, that is just crazy.

  2. A taxi ride is required to get to Grand Bahamas Scuba at Ocean Reef Yacht Club and Resort from the cruise port. Once there, we signed in and boarded their boat with crew members and our dive masters. Three of the divers from the cruise ship and one from the resort. Second dive to Moray Manor was a maze of canyons teeming with sea life. We noticed an abundance of Lionfish and nobody spearfishing to reduce their numbers.

  3. This is very cool I love the pictures that you posted along with your blog. It looks scary to me though why are these holes there in the first place and what is down inside them? Is there any under currents in there that could cause it to be dangerous? What kinds of animals live in there, that looks like something out of a sci-fi movie.

  4. That underwater sink hole is just a spectacular and spooky sight. I would be terrified about free diving into that hole and not being able to find my way out. Anyway, I think only world class free divers can go into such a deep area. Civilians will have to scuba dive with a certified scuba instructor and an ocean guide. It must be exhilarating to experience, though.

  5. I have always wanted to take a vacation to the Bahamas. The amazing thing is I live in Miami Beach and yet, I have never been to the Bahamas. I wonder if there are free diving and scuba diving areas near the Atlantis hotel resort. I’m talking about besides their man made Atlantis under water see through pool, even though that in itself looks cool as heck.

  6. Rickey I am very much like you and I have no desire to dive down into one of these holes for fear of not being able to find my way out. Has anyone ever found any tunnels or anything down in these that may lead to other holes like this? I am going to do some more research and find out what these are and how they come about.

  7. This is very curious and I am going to have to start looking into this because I am really wondering what causes these. I have been looking for more on this and the causes but I have not found anything yet that gives a good explanation. I have seen those large sink holes that appear in the earth, would this basically be the same thing?

  8. I have never been a diver nor have I wanted to because I have a fear of drowning, but this is an amazing phenomenon that I would like to understand, how do these holes get there and what is inside them if anything? To me this is almost like crop circles but on a much larger scale. Thank you for posting this I am going to do some more research.

  9. I wish that someone that has been diving down into one of these would please post a comment to this article because there are a lot of very interested people that would like to know exactly what is down there and thing like that. This was a very interesting post and if you have any commentaries from divers it would be cool if you could post them.

  10. I Youtubed this sink hole and watched the most breath taking video (no pun intended). A world champion freediver took time off during a freediving competition at Dean’s Blue Hole in the Bahamas (the World’s second deepest blue hole which plunges 202 meters/663 ft to the ocean floor) to make a short movie that emphasizes aesthetic images and innovative camera moves.

  11. This just seems really dangerous to me, why would you want to risk your life diving into a dark hole that you have no idea what is in there, current wise or animal wise. I am just not that daring and for another thing I am not that good at diving. This looks great from pictures but not so much when you are down there I would suspect.

  12. I am sure this would be absolutely beautiful it already is just from the pictures but pictures sometimes don’t capture it all. My biggest question is where does it go? I would love to go explore one for that reason alone. I would also like to know what caused this to happen, are they like big holes that started appearing like in the middle of Chicago and places?

  13. That is a very beautiful thing and I have come to realize that beautiful things that happen in nature are not always the most safe things. You have done some research here and it is going to be very interesting to see what else I can come up with in regards to these holes and what they are. Keep up the good work I love the unexplained.

  14. I recommend that anyone who has not already experienced this to do a Youtube search for the blue hole or whatever else they call this place. I found an absolutely spectacular and captivating video of a world champion free diver who dives right into this massive black (sink) hole and then, once he’s at the bottom, he climbs the rock walls up instead of swimming. I don’t know how he stayed underwater so long.

  15. Ever wonder why everything appears blue in underwater pictures and movies? The water above divers filters all the red and yellow light, making everything appear to have a blue hue. No wonder the waters in the Bahamas is so rich with blue hues, even though the blue hole’ is so dark and mysterious. Diving with an artificial light source will allow you to see true color under water.

  16. Brenda, I love the blues that you see so I don’t know that I would want to see the true colors as you were talking about, what if it isn’t as pretty as all the different colors of blue. I wonder why artificial light will reveal those things but the sun won’t? You have a very interesting point of view thank you for posting I appreciate it.

  17. Thank you for posting these pictures and this entire article this has really made my whole family want to go diving so I guess that is where we will go for our summer vacation. Keep the articles like this coming because they are really good and you should see about making money off of them some how for advertisements.

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