Diving Florida’s Juno Ledge

Diving Florida’s Juno Ledge

November 20, 2016606Views

Florida is already a major vacation destination for many tourists escaping their cold homes to the north, and with hospitable water temperatures year round, it’s no wonder that scuba divers the world over make their way here as well. Diving Florida’s Juno Ledge offers a unique destination and some truly outstanding marine life.

Located hear Palm Beach off the coast of Juno Beach, the Juno Ledge features a number of excellent scuba diving spots. One such spot, Lee’s Ledge, is a 60 to 85-foot dive with visibility in the 80 to 100-foot range. This area is home to loggerhead turtles and nurse sharks, as well as the goliath grouper. These hefty fish can grow up to 8 feet in length and weigh more than 700 pounds.

Lemon sharks also frequent the Juno Ledge region, a non-aggressive species that grows 10-13 feet in length. From December to March, these yellow-tinged sharks flock to the eastern coast of Florida in great numbers, where it’s not uncommon to see groups of 50 or more swimming together. Not far from Lee’s Ledge there is also the Northwest Double Ledge, where sightings of bull, hammerhead, and tiger sharks are not uncommon.

The marine life along the Juno Ledge is diverse and colorful. Spade fish, game fish, and moray eels make their homes here alongside soft corals, turtles, and sharks. The visibility allows for well-lit daytime diving. The ledge begins at a depth of roughly 68 feet and extends about 20 feet down, ending on the sandy bottom.

Take a look at this video for a sample of what diving Florida’s Juno Ledge has in store for you!

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