The Real Story Behind The Movie Sanctum

The recently released scuba diving movie, Sanctum, produced by the acclaimed producer and film-maker James Cameron, got mixed reviews by audiences the world over. Some complained that the movie which was loosely based a real life incident in which writer/producer Andrew wight was involved in, was exaggerated and over the top. But the action thriller, meant for the box office didn’t claim to be based on exact events. As far as I’ve heard, divers have appreciated the technicalities of shooting such a film and identified with the characters in it when they were faced with the challenges of cave diving and decompression issues. Here’s a look at a short comparison of the true story it was inspired by vs the movie. For pictures of the real incident and to read a first hand account of the story read- National Geographic’s SANCTUM: The Real Story

* Spoiler Alert: If you haven’t watched the movie already this post may reveal a few things you probably didn’t want to know!*


    1. what did you think you were going to read? how else were they suppose to compare the two stories without revealing what happens in the movie?

    2. Ron, It is a good movie, I really think you would like it. I feel like there should be another movie with The guy going back to find his fathers body or something. Anyways go see the movie then write back what you think.

  1. It says spoiler alert! Duh! Anyways I saw it before I read this! Even though the acting was suckish at first, once the drama started to unfold it got pretty good, I recommend this movie, it’s beautifully done

  2. Guys first we have to appreciate the content of the movie, the amount of hard work gone in to create something special.

    It was indeed a wonderful movie. It shows casts human perserveance, mental strength and realities in life. And for a person who knows nothing about caves, it was also a educating experience.

    On the flip side, it was yet again another hollywood flick which had usual words like ” let do it”, one soul surviour, horiffic death for some…… but thank god there were no hidden demons, creatures and one man saving the day for other with his machoism.

    Just watch it, its a nice advanture with a touch of human spirit…

  3. I liked the movie. Although nobody in the real-life expedition perished, I like how the movie showed what actually COULD happen when mistakes are made in a life or death situation. Most of all, being a diver myself, I like the message of "Don't panic, or you WILL die! Stay calm, and you'll be ok." Besides, Cameron films are always top notch.

  4. Loved the movie! I kept having to remind my self to breathe while watching it, lol. Also, love reading about the real story after!! Praise God, in the real story everyone survived! 🙂

  5. This movie was so so acting wasn’t that bad u don’t really Pay attention to it after it starts to pick up but it could’ve gone with out 5 ppl dieing maybe like 2 or 3 but not all but 1 but it was an ok movie so good enough

  6. Watched it last night, then looked into it this-morning (as I do with movies based on true life events). Yeah, well filmed and all that, but it seems the only thing similar was the storm. I give it 5/10.

  7. I wasted my time thinking about their real life.. It is so sad. Well based on the movie, he has to kill his father and his father died in his arm..

  8. Awesome movie. I had a near-death situation once while diving. This movie reminded me of that. But beautifully made movie, especially for divers.

  9. I would love to see a follow up of Josh going back in with a team to find his fathers body. Kind of strange, but it was a good movie, and at first I thought it was real too!

  10. This did happend. In Norway where group of finnish cave divers died. Their friends took up the bodys.
    They are doing movie about insident.

  11. I realy liked this movie it started at 11pm and i had to watch it till 2;30 am to catch the end,was there a book wrote somewhat the same? It was so shocking

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