The Vibrant Underwater Landscape of Costa Rica’s Cocos Island

The Vibrant Underwater Landscape of Costa Rica’s Cocos Island

February 11, 20184869Views73Comments

Within Costa Rica’s territorial waters lies a gem that’s renowned by divers the world over: Cocos Island. Its rich biodiversity and pristine conditions led to the island being declared a national park in 1978, with a designation as a World Heritage site in 1997.

If you’re a fan of large pelagic species, you’ve found your Mecca in Cocos Island. Hammerhead, black and white tip, and whale sharks are regular denizens of this paradise, with sightings of manta and eagle rays, sea turtles, and over 300 species of other fish to boot. The species diversity here can be attributed to Cocos Island’s placement in the convergence of several major ocean currents, which keep nutrients coming and conditions healthy.

Park rangers are the only residents of Cocos Island, their permission must be granted ahead of time to visit the island. Liveaboard expeditions are the sole means of reaching the dive destinations available here. This incredible footage taken recently of the island and its underwater inhabitants will surely encourage you to investigate a dive trip to this amazing region.

Featured image via kris-mikael.krister

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