a man water skiing with combo skis
by: Marc Samson

How to Water Ski: Mastering the Basics

Water skiing is a surface water sport that may be purely recreational or competitive. It involves balancing on skiboards while...
water aerobics class doing arm stretches
by: Marc Samson

Benefits of Water Aerobics

Even with the growing number of creative ways to stay fit—from going to the gym to training for triathlons—there is...
composite photo showing three triathlon activities
by: Marc Samson

How to Train for a Triathlon

Looking for a new challenge or an exciting way to stay fit? If you love competitions or find that you...
couple sunbathing on top of a boat
by: Marc Samson

Essential Boating Safety Tips

Boating is always a fun year-round activity for family and friends. And what could be more exciting than having a...
crafted one-dimensional boat with Christmas tree branches and gifts
by: Marc Samson

8 Best Gifts for Boat Owners

Whether or not you’re a boat owner yourself, choosing a gift for another boat owner can be quite exhausting. After...
kayaker wearing santa suit and hat
by: Marc Samson

8 Best Gifts for Kayakers: Our Top Picks

What would make a better gift for kayakers than items that will allow them to have a more enjoyable experience...
young boy in a boat wearing life jacket
by: Marc Samson

5 Best Life Jackets for Kids: Our Top Picks

Drowning is one of the leading causes of accidental deaths in the world. Even more disturbing is that the highest...
Colorful kayaks side by side in the water
by: Marc Samson

What are the Types of Kayaks?

Kayaking is a fun water sport that can be enjoyed by people of almost all ages. Contrary to popular belief,...
inflatable kayak
by: Leisure Pro Staff

Splash Into Summer with an Inflatable Kayak from Leisure Pro!

Save a bundle on a wide variety of inflatable kayaks by shopping at Leisure Pro, and get what you need...
marine bioluminescence

Make Your Florida Vacation Glow with a Marine Bioluminescence Tour

Check out this post to learn how you can be treated to a night of marine bioluminescence and starry skies...
basic kayak terminology
by: Leisure Pro Staff

Learning Basic Kayak Terminology

If you're interested in learning how to kayak, check out this post for a rundown of some basic kayak terminology...
kayak dive
by: Leisure Pro Staff

Why You Should Consider Going for a Kayak Dive

Have you ever considered going for a kayak dive? Learn all the information you should know before you go in...
by: Leisure Pro Staff

Stand Up Paddleboarding with Dolphins in Hawaii

Check out this awesome drone footage of one lucky dude's experience stand up paddleboarding with dolphins in Hawaii!
naish inflatable sup one 12'6" kit
by: Leisure Pro Staff

Closeout Deals on SUP Gear and Accessories

Don't miss your chance to scoop up a closeout deal on SUP gear and accessories as Leisure Pro clears the...
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