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underwater photographer shooting coral fishes
by: Marc Samson

Beginner’s Guide to Underwater Photography Equipment

Photography is an exciting and fulfilling hobby in itself. Bring it underwater and you face a more challenging feat that...
man cleaning an outdoor home pool
by: Marc Samson

How to Clean a Swimming Pool

Owning a swimming pool is as luxurious and exciting as most people think it is—that is, if you become a...
female scuba diver with long unkempt hair
by: Leisure Pro Staff

Tips for Managing Long Hair on a Dive

Check out this post for a few handy tips on how to manage long hair on a dive, and make...
Orange sea nettle jellyfish in blue water background
by: Leisure Pro Staff

Treating Jellyfish Stings

Treating jellyfish stings can be handled outside of an ER in most cases if you follow a few simple steps...
pressure gauge on scuba compressor
by: Noreen

A Complete Guide For Scuba Compressors

Air is the single most important thing to a diver when scuba diving. Most recreational divers aren’t concerned with how...
Aqua Water Proof Dive Table 6”x8” sold by LeisurePro
by: Leisure Pro Staff

Going Old School: Dive Tables

Knowing your dive tables isn't a skill that's paramount these days with the advent of dive computers, but it never...
Santa relaxing by the beach
by: Marc Samson

13 Vacation Tips for a Stress-Free Holiday

Technology has made our lives both easier and infinitely more complicated. While booking flights and finding great hotels has never...
beach chairs with Santa hats by the shore
by: Marc Samson

10 Best Gifts for Beach Lovers

Every day is a good day to receive gifts that will enhance your enjoyment while under the sun. But this...
pregnant woman swimming in pool
by: Leisure Pro Staff

Is It Safe to Scuba Dive While Pregnant?

Many women scuba divers are unsure as to whether they can continue participating in their beloved hobby once they get...
female diver with scuba gear by the beach
by: Marc Samson

Scuba Gift Guide: Our Top Picks for the Holidays [Part 2]

If there’s somebody who can tell you what would make the perfect gift for scuba divers, it’s a professional. And...
Packed BCD on rocky waters
by: Nevin

5 Best Travel BCDs: Our Top Picks

With airline regulations on baggage weight restrictions getting more and more stringent, the need for lightweight and easy-to-carry scuba diving...
blue christmas themed snorkeling gifts
by: John

Scuba Gift Guide: Our Top Picks for the Holidays [Part 1]

With the holidays looming just around the corner, everyone is scrambling to find the perfect gifts for their friends, family...
scuba diver wearing a drysuit
by: Marc Samson

Drysuit Repair Tips

Whether you’re a diver, kayaker, paddleboarder, or any other type of water sports enthusiast, a drysuit can be a very...
women posing with snorkels and masks
by: Nevin

What is a Dry Snorkel?

It’s amazing how many types of snorkels there are out there. It holds its own as one of the most...
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