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Aqua Guides

nitrox tanks on a dock

The Benefits of Diving with Nitrox

Nitrox diving is becoming more popular with divers everywhere -- find out why here!
a surfer in a women’s long sleeve rash guard
by: Nevin

A Guide to Rash Guards

Also known as rashies or rash vests, rash guards are tightly-fitted athletic garments specifically designed for athletic wear or water...
dive buddies checking their air supply
by: Nevin

Pre-Dive Safety Check Guidelines

While there are a lot of people who enjoy scuba diving every day, it also poses inherent risks just like...
scuba diver wearing a mask
by: Nevin

Scuba Diving Risks: Mask Squeeze

Scuba diving can present several life-threatening risks, which is why training under a certification agency is required before one can...
scuba diver swimming underneath schools of fish
by: Nevin

Diver Fitness: Prevention of Scuba Related Foot & Calf Cramps

The occurrence of a foot cramp or calf cramp while scuba diving is an agonizing experience. Unfortunately, most divers have...
by: Marc Samson

How to Relieve Sunburn

The sun can be extremely beneficial to us in many ways. It improves our mood and does so many things...
technical diver floating on the surface of the water

How to Calculate Your Dive Weight

While there will certainly be little changes from time to time and place to place, calculating your dive weight is...
scuba diver using a clip-on flashlight dive accessory
by: Nevin

5 Must-Have BCD Clip-On Scuba Diving Accessories

We all have our favorite must-have scuba diving accessories that we love to bring with us on every dive. In...
contaminated seawater in a glass
by: Marc Samson

How to Purify Salt Water: An Essential Survival Tactic

If you ever find yourself stranded on an island or out in the wilderness with no fresh drinking water, knowing...
male swimmer inhaling during freestyle stroke
by: Marc Samson

What are the Proper Breathing Techniques for Swimming?

Whether you’re an athletic swimmer or simply enjoy swimming for fun, you’re probably keen on mastering the basic swimming strokes—namely...
diver proposing using underwater writing surface
by: Nevin

Underwater Writing Devices

Whether you’re a new or seasoned diver, you’ll sometimes find the need to write something down underwater. For new scuba...
pike laying on a frozen body of water
by: Marc Samson

Ice Fishing for Pike: How to Get Started

Ice fishing is one of the most enjoyable winter activities that you can get into with your family and friends....
underwater photographer shooting coral fishes
by: Marc Samson

Beginner’s Guide to Underwater Photography Equipment

Photography is an exciting and fulfilling hobby in itself. Bring it underwater and you face a more challenging feat that...
man cleaning an outdoor home pool
by: Marc Samson

How to Clean a Swimming Pool

Owning a swimming pool is as luxurious and exciting as most people think it is—that is, if you become a...
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