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by: Noreen

Underwater Entertainment? – Try Waterproof MP3 Players

Not completely entertained looking at the fishies and underwater landscape? Or Just tried of hearing your own bubbles spewing out...
by: Nevin

5 Affordable Underwater Cameras For Under $400

Are you a SCUBA Diver that is just getting started in underwater photography? Or are you looking for a reasonably...
by: Noreen

SCUBA Gear: Choosing a Buoyancy Compensator

In a previous post we discussed the Basics of a Buoyancy Compensator, How it is used and Types of BCD's. ...
by: Nevin

3 Really Affordable Underwater Scooters from Sea Doo

Ever since I started Scuba Diving, I have always wanted to try a DPV (Diver Propulsion Vehicle) more commonly known...
by: Noreen

SCUBA Gear Basics: Buoyancy Compensators

A Buoyancy Compensator (BC) or Buoyancy Control Device (BCD) as it is sometimes known is one of the most basic...
by: Nevin

Do I really need a Dive Knife?

There has been no shortage of debate on the subject of whether a Diver really needs to carry a dive...
by: Noreen

Basic Scuba Gear and Equipment Guide for Beginners

Just as man took to the skies like a bird with the airplane, Scuba gear is man's way of taking...
by: Nevin

5 Dive Computers for Under $250

If  you just starting out Scuba Diving or are a recreational diver looking for a value for money dive computer...
by: Noreen

SCUBA Gear: How to Choose a Diving Regulator

Buying diving gear and equipment especially diving regulators and octopuses, can be quite daunting with the endless array of features,...
by: Noreen

SCUBA Gear: Mares Volo Fins with Optimized Pivoting Blades

One brand synonymous with Diving and known by divers the world over is Mares. Simply put, their products can best...
by: Nevin

To Shorties or not to Shorties?

A shorty wetsuit or known simply as ‘Shorties’, refers to wetsuits that covers the torso and has short sleeves for...
by: Noreen

SCUBA Gear: Types of Fins

Along with a mask and snorkel, a pair of fins are probably the first pieces of dive gear you will...
by: Noreen

SCUBA Gear: Good Dive Fins make all the difference

Often when faced with buying SCUBA gear people sideline its importance and mostly go for attractiveness, color and flexibility. The...
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