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scuba tanks and BCDs lined up on the beach
by: Leisure Pro Staff

3 Types of Scuba Diving Gas Mixes

Curious about other air mixes divers use? Here are just 3 of the air mixes for specific types of diving...
diver proposing using underwater writing surface
by: Nevin

Underwater Writing Devices

Whether you’re a new or seasoned diver, you’ll sometimes find the need to write something down underwater. For new scuba...
triathletes running towards the water for the first swimming leg
by: Marc Samson

Tips for Choosing the Best Triathlon Wetsuit

How you finish in the first swimming leg can affect the rest of your performance in a triathlon. So if...
swimmer doing laps with goggles on
by: Marc Samson

Best Swimming Goggles for Adults

Whether you’re going to do some laps or practicing for the triathlon, you’ll need a good and reliable pair of...
close shot of yoke scuba valve
by: Nevin

A Beginner’s Guide to Scuba Valves

DIN, International, K- Valve, A-Clamp, Yoke Connector, DIN 477… sound familiar? Well, you may have already come across these terms...
pressure gauge on scuba compressor
by: Noreen

A Complete Guide For Scuba Compressors

Air is the single most important thing to a diver when scuba diving. Most recreational divers aren’t concerned with how...
Packed BCD on rocky waters
by: Nevin

5 Best Travel BCDs: Our Top Picks

With airline regulations on baggage weight restrictions getting more and more stringent, the need for lightweight and easy-to-carry scuba diving...
blue christmas themed snorkeling gifts
by: John

Scuba Gift Guide: Our Top Picks for the Holidays [Part 1]

With the holidays looming just around the corner, everyone is scrambling to find the perfect gifts for their friends, family...
scuba diver wearing a drysuit
by: Marc Samson

Drysuit Repair Tips

Whether you’re a diver, kayaker, paddleboarder, or any other type of water sports enthusiast, a drysuit can be a very...
scuba diver inside icy lake
by: Marc Samson

6 Best Drysuits: Our Top Picks

Most scuba divers wear wetsuits almost all year round when diving in certain parts of the world, but if you’re...
scuba diving gear package with fins on a rock near the water
by: Marc Samson

6 Best Scuba Diving Gear Packages

Tired of renting your scuba diving gear? If you’re getting serious about this exciting and exhilarating hobby, it may be...
scuba diver swimming near corals
by: Marc Samson

10 Best Wetsuits for Diving

Wetsuits may all look the same—save for the different styles and colors—but the ones that are specifically made for scuba...
Scuba diver on edge of platform right before diving into the water
by: Marc Samson

Scuba Accessories Every Diver Should Have

When planning an underwater excursion, there are a few essential pieces of diving gear that you definitely shouldn’t forget to...
by: Marc Samson

What is the Best Dive Knife?

If you’ve ever wondered whether or not you need a dive knife for scuba diving—the answer is yes, you definitely...
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