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Dive Destinations

by: Leisure Pro Staff

Inside the Dedicated World of Cave Diving

So you want to be a cave diver...check out this post for a brief synopsis of what cave diving entails...

Give the Gift of a Dive Vacation on a Liveaboard!

If you're looking for a truly immersive dive vacation, you can't beat the liveaboard options available around the world! Learn...

The Incomparable Experience of Swimming with Golden Jellyfish in Palau

Check out this post on Jellyfish Lake, a magical body of water filled with beautiful jellyfish that don't sting!

The Incomparable Magic of Diving in Bali

Bali is a world renown paradise, popular among vacationers from all corners of the globe. Check out the incredible diving...

Popular Dive Sites of Cozumel You Need to Check Out

Take a look at the descriptions of just 5 amazing Cozumel dive sites, and start planning your next dive vacation...
thunder bay

Explore Maritime History at Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary

If you love wreck diving, you'll be enamored with what you see in the video of Thunder Bay National Marine...
marine invertebrates of monterey bay

5 Fascinating Marine Invertebrates of Monterey Bay

If you're headed to central California for some cold water diving, you'll love all these marine invertebrates of Monterey Bay!
cenote dives of the riviera maya

5 Popular Cenote Dives of the Riviera Maya

If you're headed to the Mexican Caribbean, check out these 5 popular cenote dives of the Riviera Maya that offer...
alger underwater preserve

Get Your Wreck Diving Fix at Alger Underwater Preserve

If you love the history exploration and challenge of wreck diving, check out all the wrecks you can explore in...
dive in malaysia

3 Best Places to Dive in Malaysia

Check out just a handful of incredible places you can dive in Malaysia and experience its outstanding marine biodiversity!
coral triangle

The Stunning Array of Reef Life in the Coral Triangle

Feast your eyes on some incredible footage demonstrating the amazing array of reef life found within the Coral Triangle!
Monterey Bay dive

Enjoy the Incredible Marine Diversity of a Monterey Bay Dive

Check out this awesome video post for a look at the stunning biodiversity you'll witness when you go on a...
marine species of the red sea

10 Beautiful Marine Species of the Red Sea

Check out just 10 beautiful marine species of the Red Sea that you're sure to see on a day or...
us aquariums where you can scuba dive
by: Leisure Pro Staff

US Aquariums Where You Can Scuba Dive or Snorkel

Check out just a few amazing US aquariums where you can scuba dive or snorkel and start planning your next...
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