Fishing Guides

Fishing Guides

fisherman holding a freshly caught catfish
by: Marc Samson

How to Catch Catfish: Gear, Bait & Fishing Techniques

Catching catfish, whether for sport or commerce, is both fun and challenging. Catfish can grow to enormous sizes and can...
fishing using a flexible spin-caster rod and reel

Types of Fishing Rods: A Primer for Beginners

There weren’t many choices aside from the simple pole, line, and hook setup back in the day. But, thanks to...
swimmer taking a photo of a fisherman
by: Marc Samson

Best Fishing Apps to Improve Your Catch

Part of any expert angler’s basic fishing gear is a fish finder, a sonar device that provides necessary information (like...
a pile of freshly caught squid
by: Marc Samson

How to Catch Squid

Fishing is undoubtedly a fun and rewarding activity as it gives people a chance to interact with nature and reap...
fisherman holding fresh flounder
by: Marc Samson

How to Catch Flounder

Just like catching lobsters, fishing for salmon, and ice fishing for pike, catching flounder is an exciting activity that adventurous...
a row of fishing rods set up behind a boat
by: Marc Samson

How to Troll for Fish: Trolling Fishing Techniques

Anybody who’s serious about fishing knows that trolling for fish in the open ocean is the ultimate sport-fishing challenge. While...
close up photo of a largemouth bass
by: Marc Samson

A Quick Guide to Bass Fishing Gear

Bass fishing is undoubtedly one of the most popular pastimes for anglers. The wide geographical distribution and significant challenge involved...
fisherman showing off freshly caught salmon
by: Marc Samson

How to Catch Salmon

Salmon is a popular fish that’s known all around the world for its versatile flavor and nutritional value. In fact,...
big red lobster at sea bottom
by: Marc Samson

How to Catch a Lobster

Interested in taking your love for fishing to a whole new level? Why not try fishing lobsters for a change?...
man holding up big fish after fishing
by: Marc Samson

Fishing for Beginners

Whether you’re fishing for the first time or trying it out again after a couple of years of being out...