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Explore The Blue

by: Nevin

Narwhals: The Unicorn of the Sea

I can almost imagine how the mythical stories of unicorns, mermaids, sirens and sea monsters came in to being in...
by: Noreen

Meet the Sea Cows- Dugongs

This 8.9 foot, 660 lb (300 kg) bristly, blubbery, barnacled beast known as a Dugong is probably one of the...
by: Noreen

5 Stunning Coral Reefs of the World

Coral Reefs are huge Scuba Diving attractions. Brilliant colors like pinks, purples, yellows and reds stand out against the hues...
by: Noreen

Diving with Gentle Giants-The Whale Shark

Ask an avid diver about the creatures they long to encounter on one of their dives and I can almost...
by: Noreen

Japanese Waters Witness an Attack of Giant Jellyfish

More than 6 ft 7 inches wide, over 450 lbs, while it may sound like a sumo wrestler it's the...
by: Nevin

Meet the Morays

I’m sure almost each and every diver has chanced upon this toothy character of the deep at some point or...
by: Nevin

The Nautilus: A Living fossil of the seas

Amongst all underwater creatures, the curious-looking nautilus is the one creature that fascinates me the most. The Nautilus is known...
by: Nevin

Top 5 of the World’s Most Shocking Underwater Creatures

Remarkably there exist quite a few species of marine creatures that generate electricity. These creatures possess an electric generating organ...
by: Nevin

Nudibranchs: An Underwater Enigma

Nudibranchs have inexplicably held the fascination of divers from a long time, frequently being the cause for that smile behind...
by: Nevin

Top 5 of the Ocean’s Most Poisonous Creatures

1. The Box Jellyfish This non-threatening looking transparent blue creature often no bigger than a bowl, tops our list of...
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