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Female diver swimming with whale shark

5 of the Ocean’s Biggest Fish

Although whales, which are mammals, are the biggest creatures in the sea, there are some fish that come very close...
Moon jellyfish

5 Harmless Species of Jellyfish

Learn about 5 harmless species of jellyfish in this post, and keep a lookout for these gelatinous beauties on your...
fun facts about seahorses

10 Fun Facts About Seahorses

Seahorses are some of the ocean's most beloved creatures, and for good reason -- learn some adorably fun facts about...

What’s The Difference Between Squid and Octopus?

If you've ever wondered what the difference between squid and octopus might be, check out this post for a few...
diver swimming near grass-covered sea floor

Marine Gardens: Plants That Live in the Ocean

Ocean plants are varied throughout the world, but each type is part of one of the world's most important ecosystems....
Thermocline layer underwater

What’s the Difference Between a Thermocline and a Halocline?

Thermoclines and haloclines are often mistaken for one another by divers and other aqua enthusiasts. Let Aquaviews help you out...
intelligent marine animals

5 of the Most Intelligent Marine Animals

Our oceans are full of sentient, intelligent creatures whose cunning almost matches our are just 5 of the planet's...

The Electrifying World of Bali’s Artificial Reefs

Sometimes human intervention can be a boon to the natural world, as is the case for the recovering artificial reef...

The Carpet Bunch: 7 Families of Carpet Sharks

There are hundreds of species of sharks in the oceans, but the order of carpet sharks has 7 specific families,...

Bizarre Sea Creatures: Sarcastic Fringehead

Although there's nothing actually very snarky about the sarcastic fringehead, it sure is one sassy species!

Bizarre Sea Creatures: Melibe Leonina

Nudibranchs are some of the sea's most interesting creatures, but few are as impressive as the Melibe leonina!
by: Leisure Pro Staff

Creatures of the Deep: Carnivorous Harp Sponge

The deep sea discoveries just continue to amaze -- check out what we know so far about the carnivorous harp...

Denizens of the Deep: 10 Fascinating Deep Sea Creatures

Check out this post for a photo gallery of just 10 fascinating deep sea creatures you may have never seen...

The Vibrant Underwater Landscape of Costa Rica’s Cocos Island

Costa Rica is more than just a paradise on land -- check out all the marine life that awaits beneath...
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