Explore The Blue

Explore The Blue

freshly caught brown shrimp from the Gulf of Mexico

3 Types of Shrimp in the Gulf of Mexico

The Gulf of Mexico is renown for its array of marine life, including many varieties of shrimp. Here are 3...
a brittle star latched onto a coral

The Delicate World of Brittle Stars

Starfish are always an ocean fan favorite, but their flamboyant cousins will steal the show every time!
frogfish bizarre sea creature mimicking coral

9 Bizarre Sea Creatures: From the Shallows to the Dark Depths

If you think the rocky surface you're treading on when exploring tide pools is just that -- rocks -- take...
fire coral in deep blue waters
by: Nevin

Playing With Fire Underwater: Fire Coral Demystified

Most scuba divers who have dived in tropical or sub-tropical reefs would have been cautioned about getting stung by the...
giant fish inside an aquarium frowning
by: Marc Samson

Do Fish Feel Pain? The Answer Might Surprise You!

While the world’s bodies of water are teeming with varied ecosystems, ocean plants, and marine life, no aquatic lifeform is...
aerial view of Lake Hillier pink lake
by: Marc Samson

Why is Lake Hillier Pink?

Situated off the south coast of Western Australia is a pink-colored lake that’s sure to catch the attention of tourists....

The Difference Between Eels and Sea Snakes

Many divers can tell the difference between eels and sea snakes, but if you're in doubt, check out this post...
Sea lion on a sandy beach
by: Marc Samson

What is a Pinniped?

Ever seen a pinniped? Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve likely seen one or more species of pinniped...

Sea Anemones: Flowers of the Ocean

Sea anemones are fascinating creatures and almost everyone gets their introduction to them by way of tide pools or aquariums....
Vicissitudes sculpture at the Grenada Underwater Sculpture Park
by: Marc Samson

Exploring Grenada Underwater Sculpture Park

Looking for your next snorkeling and diving destination? We highly recommend one of the most popular snorkeling sites in the...
massive coral reef at the bottom of the ocean

Reefmakers: The Life Cycle of Coral

Coral reefs are the backbone of the sea in many ways, passively supporting thousands of life forms. Check out the...
colorful starfish attached to a coral on the ocean floor

5 Fascinating Species of Starfish

Starfish are some of the most beloved creatures in the sea, and these fascinating species are sure to catch your...
Two clownfish and their sea anemone

5 Symbiotic Relationships in the Ocean

Marine symbiotic relationships are an amazing part of nature! Discover 5 unique pairings found underwater.
Box jellyfish most poisonous jellyfish in the world
by: Leisure Pro Staff

5 Most Poisonous Jellyfish in the World

Most people are naturally afraid of our oceans' gelatinous swimmers: the jellyfish. But these 5 are worth learning a little...
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