Editor’s Picks

Editor's Picks

frogfish bizarre sea creature mimicking coral

9 Bizarre Sea Creatures: From the Shallows to the Dark Depths

If you think the rocky surface you're treading on when exploring tide pools is just that -- rocks -- take...
Orange sea nettle jellyfish in blue water background
by: Leisure Pro Staff

Treating Jellyfish Stings

Treating jellyfish stings can be handled outside of an ER in most cases if you follow a few simple steps...
Aqua Water Proof Dive Table 6”x8” sold by LeisurePro
by: Leisure Pro Staff

Going Old School: Dive Tables

Knowing your dive tables isn't a skill that's paramount these days with the advent of dive computers, but it never...
couple in rash guards posing by the beach
by: Marc Samson

10 Best Rash Guards: Our Top Picks

Whether you’re going swimming, scuba diving, surfing, or simply hanging out on the beach, a rash guard definitely offers more...
Box jellyfish most poisonous jellyfish in the world
by: Leisure Pro Staff

5 Most Poisonous Jellyfish in the World

Most people are naturally afraid of our oceans' gelatinous swimmers: the jellyfish. But these 5 are worth learning a little...
Thermocline layer underwater

What’s the Difference Between a Thermocline and a Halocline?

Thermoclines and haloclines are often mistaken for one another by divers and other aqua enthusiasts. Let Aquaviews help you out...
Two scuba tanks on the beach

Steel or Aluminum Scuba Tanks: Which One Should You Get?

Before you buy your own air cylinders, take a look at this post that will help you with tips you'll...
intelligent marine animals

5 of the Most Intelligent Marine Animals

Our oceans are full of sentient, intelligent creatures whose cunning almost matches our are just 5 of the planet's...

5 Dive Destinations with Underwater Sculptures to Explore

Check out this list of just 5 awesome dive destinations where you can explore underwater sculptures in addition to reefs...

The Electrifying World of Bali’s Artificial Reefs

Sometimes human intervention can be a boon to the natural world, as is the case for the recovering artificial reef...

The Carpet Bunch: 7 Families of Carpet Sharks

There are hundreds of species of sharks in the oceans, but the order of carpet sharks has 7 specific families,...

3 Good Reasons to Wear Exposure Protection

The warm waters of tropical regions may beckon you to dive in little more than your swimsuit, but there are...

Bizarre Sea Creatures: Sarcastic Fringehead

Although there's nothing actually very snarky about the sarcastic fringehead, it sure is one sassy species!

Bizarre Sea Creatures: Melibe Leonina

Nudibranchs are some of the sea's most interesting creatures, but few are as impressive as the Melibe leonina!
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