Month: November 2010

by: Nevin

Witness The Sinking Of The USS Kitiwake at Grand Cayman This December

If you’re planning a visit to the Grand Caymans this winter, make sure you don’t miss this once in a...
by: Nevin

5 Holiday Gifting Ideas for Kids this Season

With the holiday season right around the corner, Aquaviews is putting together a whole bunch of Scuba, Swimming and Snorkeling related...
by: Nevin

Snorkeling 101

Snorkeling is a great activity that can be enjoyed by almost anyone and doesn’t require as much instruction, training or...
by: Nevin

PADI Drift Diver Specialty Course

What is Drift Diving? Drift diving is a type of recreational diving where the diver is transported by the currents...
by: Nevin

Five Delightful Deals and Discounts on Dive Lights from LeisurePro

It’s a little known fact but’s Closeout Sale section is perhaps the best place to find some of the...
by: Noreen

Scuba Gear Buying Guide: Underwater Cameras

There's no better way for a diver to capture the memories of underwater experiences and all they see, than with...
by: Noreen

How Would You Like Your Very Own Personal Submarine?

If you have a few hundred thousand dollars in spare change just lying around, you can now buy your very...
by: Nevin

Half Moon Caye Wall at Lighthouse Reef, Belize

Located on the Lighthouse Reef just off the coast of Belize, the Half moon Caye forms one of the three...
by: Nevin

Mares Icon HD Wrist Dive Computer

One of the most innovative and unique dive computers available in the market today has got to be the Mares...
by: Noreen

Could Salt Water Be The Next To Fuel Our Cars?

I recently came across this video of an amazing discovery. American inventor, radio and TV engineer John Kanzius from Pennsylvania...
by: Nevin

Scuba Dive at Canada’s Fathom Five National Marine Park

Located at the tip of the Bruce Peninsula, Fathom Five, Canada’s first national marine park, consists of 20 islands to...
by: Noreen

LeisurePro Store Manager Founds New Dive Rescue Team For Local Fire Department

LeisurePro's very own Ben Teichberg, dive store manager and PADI Master Instructor, has had his hands rather full lately with...
by: Noreen

Scuba Gear Buying Guide: Fins

Fins are those all so simple, but very useful pieces of Scuba diving gear that any water-lover should own. As...
by: Noreen

Top 5 Deep and Challenging Dive Sites

There’s something a bit attractive, exciting and mysterious about diving at a deep dive site that extends to or beyond...
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