Month: August 2010

by: Noreen

Dealing With Nitrogen Narcosis

As we saw in our previous post, Nitrogen Narcosis is much more serious than just a feeling of being 'high'...
by: Noreen

Unusual Wreckreational Diving: Boeing Aircraft Dive Sites

Tired of diving regular shipwrecks? Well, how about diving some planes instead, Boeing commercial aircrafts to be specific. Here's a...
by: Noreen

Shark-tastic Underwater Photography

photo by WIlly Volk on flickr photo by Julian Cohen on flickr photo by pterantula on flickr photo by psmithson...
by: Noreen

Underwater Photography: Going Wide (Part-1)

Although underwater wide angle photography isn't as widely practiced as underwater macro photography may be, it produces some of the...
by: Noreen

Underwater Photography: Going Wide (Part-2)

If you missed Part-1 of our post on getting started with Underwater Wide-Angle Photography- Click Here Composing a Wide Angle...
by: Noreen

Next-Gen Fins: Mares Introduces The X-Stream Fins

Is is a full blade fin? Is it a split fin?....It's the new X-Stream fin from Mares. Looking nothing like...
by: Noreen

Dive The Neptune Memorial Reef, An Underwater Cemetery

The term 'Burials at sea' have taken on a brand new meaning in Miami, Florida. The Neptune Memorial Reef is...
by: Noreen

Diving Marine Life Guides: The Eel Appeal

Scuba divers, for as long as we can remember have had a fascination with eel sightings. We've heard divers narrate...
by: Nevin

A Guide to Dive Site Terrain Terminology

Dive Sites are often named after oceanic landforms or geographical terrain features that the site is located on. Thus it...
by: Noreen

Scuba Tips: Fine Tuning Your Buoyancy

In past posts we've discussed the fundamentals of buoyancy control, looked at tips to achieve neutral buoyancy and even shed...
by: Noreen

Scuba Gear: A Guide To Scuba Reels

Scuba Reels aren't your average spincast reel for fishing, but rather an important piece of scuba equipment especially in technical, wreck...
by: Nevin

Dive Cayman Brac the Caribbean’s Wall Diving Capital

Cayman Brac is a small island just 19km (11.8 miles) long and 2km (1.2 mi) wide that forms one of...
by: Noreen

Can You Identify These Fish Species?

Take our quiz to find out just how well your fish identification skills are. See how many fish you can...
by: Noreen

James Cameron Celebrates His 56th Birthday Underwater

James Cameron, film maker and director with huge hits under his belt such as Titanic and the more recent 'Avatar'...
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