Zoggs Athena Polarized Goggles

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Zoggs Athena Polarized Goggles Features

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Zoggs Athena Polarized Goggles
The Zoggs Athena Polarized Goggles are the perfect goggles for the serious female athlete. It has a soft and flexible frame that adjusts according to your face, providing a perfect fit. The Curved Lens Technology (CLT) provides an expanded 180-degree vision, and it allows you to see better under water. Adjusting these goggles is very easy, just pull the two straps to tighten it and you are ready to go. Its unique bra style back clip prevents snagging hair so you can focus more on swimming. The Athena Polarized protects your eyes from harmful UVA and UVB radiations, while the Fogbuster anti-fog coating ensures a fog-free vision under water. The polarized Italian lenses protect your eyes and provide a glare-free vision by eliminating the glare from the surface of the water. The polycarbonate lenses are highly durable so expect to use it for a long time. Maximize your swimming performance with the Zoggs Athena Polarized Goggles.

Key Features

  • Its soft and flexible frame easily adjusts to different face types
  • These Polarized Italian lenses protect your eyes and eliminate the glare so you can focus on the competition
  • The Unique Bra Style Back Clip prevents hair snagging
  • The Curved Lens Technology (CLT) provides an undistorted 180-degree vision
  • With the Fogbuster Anti-Fog coating, it ensures a fog-free vision under water
  • The quick adjust feature helps you tighten the goggles conveniently by pulling the two straps
  • It protects your eyes from the harmful UVA and UVB rays
  • Polycarbonate lenses offer superb durability and value for your money
  • The split silicone straps comfortably fits over the crown of your head