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  • Ideal for both recreational and tech dives
  • Quick to adjust twin buckle front closure
  • Ripcord integrated weight system
  • Personal fit system with interchageable parts
  • ZEAGLE Bx power inflator
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About Zeagle Tech 10 BCD

The ZEAGLE Tech 10 BC is at home in Recreational Diving or in Challenging-Environments like Wreck or Tech Diving. Constructed of Heavily Reinforced 1050-Denier Ballistic Nylon, the Tech BC is Comfortable, Balanced, and Secure. The Tech has a Twin-Buckle Front-Closure rather than a Cummerbund; many divers feel the Buckles are Quicker-to-Adjust when using Heavy-Gear and Thick Exposure Suits. The Shoulder is designed with the new Super-Duty Airlock Buckle that Swivel-to-Adjust the Harness to the Body's-Contour to Eliminate-Binding-and-Restriction of Movement at the Chest-and-Underarm Areas. The Tech BC comes standard with a 65lb (29.5kg) Lift Bladder for Supporting Heavier Gear, Larger-Divers, or Twin Cylinders. Standard 11" (27.8cm) Spaced Grommets for Twin Cylinder Mounting via Standard or Mini Back-Plates, Eight-Stainless Steel D-rings and Two-Zippered Utility Pockets provide Plenty-of-Options for Carrying-Gear.

ZEAGLE's Modular-Construction allows the Tech to transition between many different types of diving, single or twin cylinders, and recreational, technical, or professional diving environments. Optional Bladder Assemblies having as much as two 85lb (38.6kg) Lift Air Cells can be easily mounted. The Tech is very popular among divers who want a Rugged Buoyancy System that can take on the most Challenging Environments. BC is also equipped with ZEAGLE's 30lb (13.6kg) Capacity Ripcord Weight System, 20lb (9kg) Capacity Rear Trim Weight System both excepting Hard Block and Soft Weights.

The Tech Back Inflator BC has Integral-Full Lumbar Pad, Adjustable Sternum Strap, and with this Durable-Design you also get ZEAGLE's time proven Durable and Rugged Bx Inflator Mechanism. The BC is equipped with ZEAGLE's Personal Fit System (PFS) Modular Sizing. The PFS allows for a Custom-Fit and lets you change out specific sections of the BC. Adjusting the BC for a perfect fit the Tech has Torso Adjustable Shoulders Straps an Adjustable Sternum and Waist Straps all equipped with Squeeze-Style" Side-Release Buckles for Easy Donning and Doffing.

The ZEAGLE Tech 10 BC also comes equipped with a Split Saddle Strap that attaches to the BC with a 1" (2.5cm) Plastic Tri-Bar at the bottom of the vest and two Screw Fasteners at the front of the vest. Two Clip-Closures are at the "Front" portion of the Strap to allow you to easily put on and remove the BC with the Split Saddle Strap installed. A set of the 18lb (8.16kg) Mesh Weight Pouches are included. Buoyancy Control and Trim is Easy with the 2-Lower Rear Overpressure Relief/Pull Dump Valves and Bx Inflator Mechanism. The Bx Power Inflator makes Preventative Maintenance easy with its Threaded Lower Mechanism that allows the attachment of a garden hose for Fast and Easy Inner Bladder Rinsing. The Bx is also connected to a Pull Dump Valve for Rapid Deflation. BC comes with an Owner's Manual, is covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty and is made in the U.S.A.

Warranty Information

This product has a limited lifetime warranty.
(813) 782-5568

Zeagle Tech 10 BCD Features

  • At Home in Recreational Diving or Challenging-Environments like Wreck or Tech Diving
  • Construction: Heavily Reinforced 1050-Denier Ballistic Nylon
  • Comfortable, Balanced, and Secure
  • Twin-Buckle Front-Closure, Quicker-to-Adjust with Heavy-Gear and Thick Exposure Suits
  • Super Duty Airlock Buckle: Swivel to Adjust Harness to Body's Contour, Eliminate Binding-and-Restriction-of-Movement
  • Torso Adjustable Shoulder and Sternum Straps
  • Waist, Shoulder and Sternum Straps: Equipped with Squeeze-Style" Side-Release Buckles Easy and Quick Donning and Doffing
  • Easy and Quick Donning and Doffing
  • Lift: 65lbs (29.5kg)
  • ZEAGLE's Ripcord Weight System: 30lbs (13.6kg) of Releasable Weight
  • Non-Releasable 20lbs (9kg) Rear Trim Weight
  • Accommodate Single or Twin Tanks with 11" (27.8cm) Spaced Grommets for the Twin Cylinder Mounting
  • 2-Lower Rear, Right Shoulder Overpressure Relief/Pull Dump Valves
  • High Lift Bladder for Supporting Heavier Gear, Larger-Divers, or Twin Cylinders
  • Eight-Stainless Steel D-rings: Plenty-of-Options for Carrying-Gear
  • Modular-Construction: Allows Different Type Diving, Single, Twin Cylinders, Recreational, Technical, or Professional Environments
  • Optional Bladder Assemblies: Two 85lb (38.6kg) Lift Air Cells
  • Rugged Buoyancy System for Most Challenging Environments
  • Integral-Full Lumbar Pad
  • Personal Fit System:
    Interchangeable Components
    Adjustable Waist Panels
    Replaceable Shoulder Sections
  • Over Pressure Relief/Dump Valves
  • Split Saddle Strap
  • Includes Set of 18lb (8.16kg) Mesh Weight Pouches
  • ZEAGLE Bx Power Inflator:
    Cable Activated Pull Dump Valve for Rapid Deflation
    Low Pressure Quick-Disconnect Hose with 3/8" Threads
    Threaded Lower Mechanism Allows Attachment of Garden Hose for Fast and Easy Inner Bladder Rinsing
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in the USA

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