Zeagle Shoulder Section for BCD

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About Zeagle Shoulder Section for BCD

The ZEAGLE Personal Fit System is a System of Interchangeable Components that allows you or your ZEAGLE dealer to Custom Fit a Buoyancy System to your body and your style of diving. Waist Size, Chest Size, and Torso Length are Fitted-Independently. Although ZEAGLE make women's BCs, all their Buoyancy Systems can be Custom-Designed for Women's Sizing Needs. This Modular-Approach not only makes it possible to fit many different sizes of diver, but also allows you to alter the characteristics of the BC itself to match the type of diving you do. The amount of Lift in the Buoyancy System, More-or-Less D-Rings on the Shoulders, Lumbar Pads and Many-other-Features can All-be-Customized. You can also Swap-Out Components Later, making your ZEAGLE BC able to accommodate any changes in your diving needs.

The Shoulder Section is an important part of the fit of a ZEAGLE BC. The "Shoulder" Measurement goes from the Top-of-the-Shoulder Down to the Top-of-the-Hip (the iliac crest). This Section Adjusts where the Weight-System and Bladder-Assembly Fit on the Torso. All Shoulder Sections come with a Sternum-Strap and the Appropriate-Hose-Holder with model name. Each Shoulder Section is covered by a 12 month limited warranty. Shoulder Sections are available for the following ZEAGLE BCD Models (SKU):
911 (ZGL911)
TEC 10 (ZGLT1)

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 12 months.

(813) 782-5568

Zeagle Shoulder Section for BCD Features

  • Part of ZEAGLE Personal Fit System
  • Interchangeable Components for Custom Fitting a Buoyancy System
  • Fit Personal Needs and Style of Diving
  • Waist Size, Chest Size, and Torso Length are Fitted-Independently
  • Buoyancy Systems, Custom-Designed for Women's Sizing Needs
  • Modular-Approach: Multiple Fits and Alter Characteristics of BCD, More-or-Less D-Rings
  • All Shoulder Sections: Come with Sternum-Strap and Appropriate-Hose-Holder
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Available for the Following ZEAGLE BCD Models (SKU):
    911 (ZGL911)
    ZENA (ZGLZN) (
    TEC 10 (ZGLT1)

Zeagle Shoulder Section for BCD Specifications

All: Nylon Webbing, Select Models: Padding
Yes, Select Models
Torso Adjust: "Squeeze-Style" Side-Release Buckles, Sternum: Select Models, "Squeeze-Style" Side-Release Buckles
Large Weight [with packaging]
Zena, Lazer, 911, Sar, TECH 10: 0.45 lb,
Stilleto: 0.65 lb,
Ranger: 1 lb,
Ranger LTD Black: 1.3 lb
Medium Weight [with packaging]
Zena: 0.35 lb,
Lazer, 911, Sar, TECH 10: 0.45 lb,
Stilleto: 0.55 lb,
Ranger LTD Black/Gray, Ranger: 0.95 lb
Small Weight [with packaging]
Zena: 0.3 lb,
Stilleto, Lazer, 911, Sar, TECH 10: 0.45 lb,
Ranger: 0.7 lb,
Ranger LTD Black/Gray: 0.9 lb
Available in the Following Sizes:
Large, Medium, Small, X-Large
X-Large Weight [with packaging]
Stilleto, Zena, Lazer, 911, Sar, TECH 10: 0.45 lb,
Ranger: 1.05 lb,
Ranger LTD: 1.4 lb

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Questions about this item:

Lachlan M  can you advise actual measurements on the shoulder sections. I have a Zeagle Ranger in a large size, I would assume the shoulder section is also a large. When I try it on there is no adjustment left. I think a medium would be ok, but I want to check and make sure my BCD does have a large shoulder section fitted and not an XL shoulder section?...cheers Lachy
Ben T  Here are the shoulder strap measurements from Zeagles website. SM 14"-18" / MD 18"-22" / LG 22"-26" / XL 26"-29" /
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