Zeagle Spare Air Pocket

Zeagle Spare Air Pocket Features

Having a redundant air supply in an emergency can make either a self rescue or that of your buddy safer and easier then sharing air or octopus breathing. SpareAir's systems are a solution to carrying a redundant air supply. Zeagle's Spare Air Pocket mounts on any Zeagle BCD. The Spare Air Pocket makes an easy and comfortable way to carry all spare air sizes. Manufactured from Cordura Nylon Material for durability and long life, with a quick release makes the Zeagle Spare Air Pocket the choice of Zeagle divers.

Key Features

  • Mounts on Any Zeagle BCD's
  • Durable Cordura Nylon Construction
  • Quick Release for Ease of Use
  • Size: 12" x 4" x 3"