Zeagle 6 Cu Ft. Deploy Pony System 750-6206

Zeagle 6 Cu Ft. Deploy Pony System 750-6206 Features

What's in the box: 6 CU.FT, Razor Regulator , Envoy 2nd stage with 36" Hose, Quick deploy Pouch, Transfiller

The Zeagle 6 cu ft Pony System (p/n 750-6206) is easy to store and quick to deploy. The 3000 psi, 6 cu ft Bottle gives a usable, completely redundant back-up supply of air that can be used by the diver with the system, or handed off completely to another diver if the situation requires it. The bungee cord in the neck of the Quick Deploy Pouch can be adjusted tightly so that the tank will not pull loose when another diver uses the Envoy Octo, or it can be adjusted more loosely so that the whole System can be removed from the pouch and handed to the other diver.

Key Features

  • 6 cubic foot 3000 psi aluminum cylinder.
  • Razor valve-regulator.
  • Mesh Deploy Bag.
  • Octo quick release.
  • Elastic pouch.
  • Easy to store - yet quick to deploy.
  • Cylinder may be filled from any scuba tank with the included Transfiller.

Warranty Information

This product has a limited lifetime warranty.

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