Zeagle N2ition Access Optional Compass Kit

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About Zeagle N2ition Access Optional Compass Kit

You purchased you N2ition Access Computer Console, but now you want to add Navigation Capabilities. This Optional Compass Kit Easily-Attaches to the new Access Console. Compass has both Top-and-Side Reading, is Quick-to-Respond to Compass Heading Changes and Reads Accurately even when tilted. The Access Console is opened up like a clam shell by removing the screws in the back of the console. Once the console is opened up, the compass module is inserted in its location and then secured by reassembling the console.

Compass is actually a Dual Purpose Compass. The convenient Side Scan Window allows Quick Reference of Large, Easy-to-Read Bearing Indicators on a Luminescent Display for Gun-Sight Accuracy. Or, for divers who prefer Relative Navigation, the Ratchet Bezel can be Rotated-Easily even with thick neoprene gloves. The Bezel Numbers on top of the Compass. The Compass Bezel has Compass Headings in 30° degrees Numbered Increments and Indicator Marks for every 10° degrees. Bezel has Twin Heading Indicators for Alignment of Compass-Course and a Dual Lubber Line across the Compass-Face. Compass is covered by a 24 month limited warranty.

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