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About Zeagle Surface Marker Buoy QD Deluxe Signal Tubes

The Quick Deploy (QD) Deluxe Signal System is a Compact-Way to Effectively-Store-and-Deploy a Signal Tube and a Thumb Reel. The System includes the Signal Tube, the Reel with Line, Double Ended Brass Snap and an E-Z Mount or Zipper Pouch. The Quick Deploy Deluxe Signal System is Completely-Enclosed in the Pouch when not in use. To Deploy, the Diver Grasps the Deploy Strap and Pulls-the-Reel and the Signal Tube Out-of-the-Pouch. The Diver Inflates the Signal Tube with his Octopus 2nd Stage by Purging-Air out of the Regulators Mouthpiece into the Large One-Way Valve on the bottom of the tube (if available) or by Orally Inflating with the Signal Tubes Oral Inflator Valve. The diver can then drop the reel which unwinds and let the tube ascend to the surface. The diver encircles the line loosely with the thumb and fingers and ascends to the desired depth.

There are 4-Models to choose from, 2-Models with EZ-Mount Zip-On Pouch and 2-Models with EZ-Mount Grommet Pouch, either can be purchased with a Plastic of Stainless Steel Reel. Models with the Lightweight Plastic 3.25" (8.3cm) Reel provide 115' (35 meters) of Nylon Line. The Models with the Stainless Steel 3" (7.6cm) Reel provide 65' (20 meters) of Nylon Line. All QD Deluxe Signal Systems come with Zeagle's Deluxe Signal Tube. This Surface Signaling Device offers a Brightly Colored Highly Visible Profile in the Water when needed. The Tube measures (W x H) 7" x 60" (17.8cm x 152.4cm) and can provide Up to 22lbs (10kg) of Lift. The Signal Tube has a Large Duck-Bill One-Way Valve and an Over-Pressure Relief Valve with Manual Dump Pull Cord. All Models are covered by a 12 month limited warranty.

The Zeagle Surface Marker Buoy QD Deluxe Signal Tubes is commonly used for All Diving Applications and more.

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This product has a limited warranty of 12 months.
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