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About XS Scuba Stretch Fin Straps, Black

Do you find that the fin straps that came with your fins are difficult to get on and off? XS Scuba's New Stretch Straps" can make donning and doffing your fins easier. Stretch Straps fit most modern fins with Post Type" Mounting Posts. Straps are manufactured by Liquid Silicone Injection for an Extremely Stretchy and Strong Fin Strap. The Silicone Rubber has better Ozone and UV Light Resistance than Traditional Rubber Straps, so they will give you years of reliable service. Easy to install on your fins, the Stretch Straps included 4 Female Attachment Buckles for attachment to your fins strap mounting posts.

Straps are equipped with a Built-In Pull Loop that is Easy to grasp even when wearing thick gloves. Buckles are Squeeze Style" Quick-Release and are made from Corrosion Proof, Impact Resistant Plastic. Straps are available in 3 lengths: 9.7" (246 mm) (7.9"/202 mm Silicone Length), 10.6" (270 mm) (8.9"/226 mm Silicone Length) and 11.6" (294 mm) (9.8"/250 mm Silicone Length). To know what size will work for you, just remove your old fin straps, place you foot into the fin foot pocket and then measure the distance from the center of one mounting post around your heel to the center of the opposite mounting post. Select an overall length that is approximately 1" (25 mm) shorter than the measurement.

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