XS Scuba Rattle Stick

XS Scuba

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About XS Scuba Rattle Stick

Does your dive buddy tell you when you tap your tank with your knife or pull on your tank banger to get their attention all they can hear are their own bubbles? XS-Scuba's Rattle Stick can be the answer to your problem The distinctive Rattle Sound" produced has been compared to the Rattle of the Bell we are familiar hearing outside the department stores during the Holiday Season Hey if it works let use it!

The Rattle Sound is extremely easy to hear underwater and it sounds like no other attention getter that most divers are use to Rattle Stick is manufactured from Durable and Corrosion Resistant Chrome Plated Brass and comes equipped with an eyelet on the handle for the attachment of a lanyard Small and Compact measuring 4" x 1" (10 2 x 2 5 cm) so you can stash it in your BCD Pocket so it's ready to attract you dive buddy when you need it

XS Scuba Rattle Stick Features

  • XS Scuba Rattle Stick
  • Distinctive "Rattle Sound"
  • Get Dive Buddy's Attention
  • Rattle Sound Heard Easily Underwater
  • Made of Chrome Plated Brass
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Eyelet on Handle for Attachment of Lanyard
  • Dimensions: 4" x 1" (10.2 x 2.5 cm)
  • Small & Compact-Fits in BCD Pocket

XS Scuba Rattle Stick Specifications

Type (Pneumatic/Manual)
Chrome Plated Brass
Mfr #
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