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About Miflex BC Quick Disconnect Hose, Black

Miflex Hoses feature a Patent Pending Double Nylon Safety Braiding Designed to Outperform and Outlive Traditional Rubber Hoses. Miflex Hoses are 30% Lighter than an equivalent length Rubber Hose and have unmatched Flexibility. You can tie a Miflex hose in a knot and be assured of continuous, uninterrupted airflow. Miflex Hoses have a Minimum Burst Pressure of 3600 psi (250 bar), more than twice rubber hoses.

Every hose is subjected to more than 30 Performance and Safety Tests to receive the EN250 Certification. Hose fittings are manufactured from UNI 12164 CW 614N Chrome Plated Brass and the Hoses are Oxygen Cleaned from the factory. The Anatomy of the Miflex Hose is its secret to its Durability and Flexibility. The Double Braided Nylon Outer Jacket is Tightly Bound and Fixed to the Hose Inner Core. The Hose has an Inner Liner Layer of Polyester and a Polyurethane Compound Liner. These materials make the Hose Resistant to UV Rays out of the water extending the life span of the hose. The hose is available in 7 Lengths from 14" to 36" (35.6 to 91.4 cm)) and has an External Diameter of 0.47" (12 mm) with an Internal Diameter of 0.26" (6.5 mm). The Hose is shipped in Premium Packaging that can double as a Water Resistant Document Wallet and is covered by a 24 month limited warranty.

The Miflex BC Quick Disconnect Hose, Black is commonly used for All Diving Applications, Cold Water, Professional, Recreation, Warm Water and more. The Miflex BC Quick Disconnect Hose, Black is most used by customers who consider themselves to be a Advanced, Professional among others. The Miflex BC Quick Disconnect Hose, Black is popular because customers like the following qualities of the Miflex BC Quick Disconnect Hose, Black: Easy To Use, Functional, Improves Diving Experience, Lightweight, Solid Construction.

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